Experiments in rebranding- The What and Why

Saeloun Logo

We recently decided to redo our branding following
certain steps to arrive at brand guidelines.
As Saeloun grows, we’ve been creating many branding and press material,
which has evolved past the website and blog designs.

While we do, we are trying to document our process,
the challenges we faced and what decisions we
took along the way.
This is going to be a series of articles about this process and learnings.

Why did we decide to rebrand?

When Saeloun was founded in early 2019,
the team took
inspiration from words from different languages that meant
‘fresh’ or ‘new’ and finally decided to go with
the Korean word ‘Saeloun’.

Sojan graciously created out first logo,
also helped us with the first version of the website!

After I joined Saeloun in Sep 2021, I was tasked
with redesigning our website.
The existing website was quite good visually but the
primary reason for the redesign was that it was not appealing
to the right target audiences – potential employees.

We wanted to attract good talent through our website and hence
wanted an impactful website which communicated our story loud and clear.
Besides, it wasn’t updated for more than two years and needed a refresh.

To design a website,
there must be some underlying visual elements
which shape the theme of the entire website and make all parts of it
look consistent and cohesive.
Usually these are derived from the brand guidelines.
But we did not have any brand guidelines (or at least documented)
yet so we decided to go ahead and come up with the brand elements
first before redesigning the website.

Apart from this, a strong brand identity would ensure that our
brand is consistent across all touchpoints and gets registered
into the minds of our audiences.
It would help us cut through the noise and stand out above the competition.

Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash

So that’s how our rebranding story starts.
Keep reading to learn about how we conducted a virtual brand sprint to
understand our brand identity in the next blog. 🏃🏾‍♂️

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