UI Design: Emotions of Typography | by Avishek Nayak | Nov, 2021


Avishek Nayak

Hi readers, a new day with a new blog for you guys to read. Let’s learn something about typography today.

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Typography is a part of user interface. Many of us focus on User Experience rather than User Interface as a novice UI/UX designer since deciding a typeface, colors, and typefaces is a pain as it takes a lot of time to choose, differentiate, and finalize a design that is perfectly balanced and makes sense.
These UI/UX ratios are the most essential as they are directly or indirectly associated to users’ emotions.

You can’t use a CREEPSTER typeface in child-friendly websites and expect them to use it. Your design will fail ultimately. To trigger an emotional attachment from your consumers, you must first help them feel the design. While looking at your design, you need that emotion to come out naturally. So, how do you achieve that vibe? The answer is EXPERIENCE. To feel what your users are feeling, you should first experience it, which can only be achieved by practicing. But practicing should be in a right way. You can’t expect to roam in the forest and not get killed by a wild animal. You’re practicing and the experience you are getting should be in a right direction.


We will learn regarding typefaces and fonts as we discuss typography.
Those who are new to the area of design and are unaware about the differences between typefaces and fonts should take a look at the image below.

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Some typefaces are available for free and some are paid. As a novice UI/UX designer, you tend to approach free typefaces mostly. Here I will be using google fonts for explanation. There are many more websites where you can get typefaces for free. I would recommend against using pirated premium typefaces for commercial purpose as it will put you in a lot of trouble.

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