UI/UX Case Study— Designing Gold Investment Feature (Amartha Design Challenge) | by Ganda Kurniawan | Nov, 2021


In the last phase, we do testing to potential users. This is to clarify the usability side of the product to be developed.

We conducted remote usability testing on 2 potential users via google meet and zoom. Although it can’t fully cover usability problems, in the future we will try to do it for more users.

Before that, we made a user research stimulus as a guide and to make it easier when doing usability testing which can be seen here.

Here are some parts of our stimulus research:

  1. Finding out the needs and preferences of users in making online gold investments.
  2. Find out the habits and expectations of users in making gold transactions.
  3. Find out the level of usability, convenience, and satisfaction of the idea solutions offered in the gold transaction process flow.
  4. Find out the success rate for the gold investment feature on the Amartha application.
  5. Testing the design of making new features in gold investment in the Amartha application and identifying problems with the services provided.
  1. The flow for conducting transactions is still not friendly and difficult to understand.
  2. The information on the investment page does not meet user needs.
  3. Users assume only 1 gold product/category is available.
  4. Users object to the additional fees given to the application.
  5. Users are not interested in the automatic investment feature.
  6. The gamification feature is still considered less motivating for users to invest in gold and less fun.

We use the System Usability Scale as a usability metric. because this metric already covers from the side of satisfaction, convenience, to effectiveness.

Here are the results we got:

SUS Score

The results we get are quite good because the average obtained from the two users is 76.5. Users also said the product is easy to use and uncomplicated.

For feedback from participants and documentation during usability testing, see here.

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