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  • 1. Confusing navigation
  • 2. Non consistent & overloaded style
  • 3. Working with fonts
  • 4. Looks over functionality
  • 5. Responsiveness is responsible
  • 6. Content first
  • 7. Being overly confident
  • Make the Best of UI UX Design

How to tell good UX design from the bad? It must be immediately, intuitively clear how everything works. For example, users don’t need to think about what buttons are clickable, or how hovering works. Navigation is more about usability than creativity.

  • Separate it visually from other elements, using color or white space.
  • Be consistent, never use different primary navigation on other pages.
  • Go for different solutions for mobile and web.
  • Think twice before sacrificing the fixed menu during scrolling for aesthetic reasons. (However, it’s also a common mistake to make the sticky header too large or stuff it with unnecessary content. It’s always a good idea to test it first).
  • Use clear labels with short text.
  • It’s best to include users’ vocabulary, not something generic like “Who we are”, “What we do”.
  • For local navigation, differentiate links from the rest of the text, and mark those which were open before.
  • Avoid opening links in a new tab and unnecessary pagination of content.

A mishmash of fonts, colors, elements is a common problem. Designers like to experiment with fonts and color schemes to stand out, but that usually ends up confusing the customer. Actually, people crave consistency. Pay attention to details like properly formatted text and uniform color schemes. Mobile ui design especially needs coherent, minimalistic solutions.

Fonts and style consistency are the two features that distinguish a good UI design.

Your website can create a wow-effect, be visually compelling and consistent, boast a fresh concept… And still, irritate users and lower conversions. Because the devil is in details.

  1. Long or “zig-zag” forms (also, too many mandatory fields or incorrectly configured validation)
  2. Anything that looks like an ad (banners/carousels, pop-ups, animation — banner blindness is real)
  3. Scroll hijacking (can irritate many users)
  4. Too many custom icons, unfamiliar for users
  5. Confusing buttons (Can I click it? Why is this so small? They all look different)
  6. Avoiding of whitespaces
  7. Tiny clickable areas (e.g., navigation arrows)
  8. Bad registration/authorization and sign-in process
  9. Too many and/or dull 404 pages (they are also part of the experience, make them fun)

Yes, 2021 is almost here, and this is still on the list. Too many websites seem to ignore it! Google lowers such websites in the rating, and 94% of people don’t trust websites without mobile versions. On the contrary, responsive websites have a 67% chance of a conversion.

Great web design begins with content — the most important part of the website.

  • Not answering users’ questions (such as price)
  • Complex language
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Too much emphasis on “engaging”, which can actually distract (big pictures, music, and animation)
  • Content for search engines, not people
  • Post new blogs consistently
  • Keep old content fresh and relevant
  • Create landing pages to boost conversions
  • Make sure to have a consistent brand’s voice and tone
  • Include an About Us page, a Contact Us page, a Services page
  • Follow the latest SEO guidelines

This includes:

  • Not testing with real-world, not ideal users
  • Seeing UX as one person’s responsibility (the whole team and stakeholders should take part in decisions)
  • Not balancing your conceptual model with users’ mental model (I like it, I understand it, then everyone will)
  • Ignoring user feedback
  • Not seeing UI UX as a continuous process.

Best UX design is not about fancy parallax or cool animations. Make sure to remember about basic things: navigation, clarity, readability, responsiveness, easy access to relevant content. Creativity and beauty will come on top of that.

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