Power Platform | Advent calendar Day 19

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Sunday, the last before Christmas. In many regions we´re celebrating the 4th of Advent. It´s normally the time you start thinking about the last decoration ideas of your Christmas tree. For some, it´s just about taking a deep breath before the intense season begins. Missed about coming together?

Advent calendar – opening door #19

Today, I´d like to share with you the importance of coming together. You might thought it was already part of yesterday´s story, but there´s more. If you think about the Power Platform, you have to look further. Check out the additional Microsoft technology stack that is surrounding the Power Platform. There´s so much outside that enriches the parts of the low-code toolchain.

Behind this door, you´ll find an „unsung hero“. Something, that should be considered being part of a high-value app of the future. You already have an idea?

Here´s the link to open the door. Consider to learn something new each day. Until then,…

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