15 of the Best Product Page Design Examples and Best Practices in 2022 | by Vincent Xia | Dec, 2021


Vincent Xia

Product page design is of great importance for an e-commerce company. A product page is a page on a company website that completely defines a product and showcases the product inventory a customer is able to buy. It’s a page that helps customers decide what they want to buy according to different specifications like price, features, reviews, and product comparison. It gives users insight into what the product offers and how it will benefit them once they purchase it.

To help you to get inspired, we’ll be sharing 15 of the best product page examples along with why we think they are so great. Let’s dive in!

Allbirds is the world’s most comfortable shoes, flats, and clothing made with natural materials like merino wool and eucalyptus.

What they do well:

  • The page presents the scarcity of its product, making it more desirable;
  • It offers a size chart that opens on the same page, helping to prevent the risk of losing the visitor on a new tab;
  • It clearly shows the product’s key features with headlines;
  • It collects highly interested leads that they can target with personalized email campaigns.

Pro tip: Implement out-of-stock alerts and ask users for permission to add them to your email list, so they can come back and buy them later.

Ban.do curates and creates products that are meant to make you smile — and, in turn, help you be your best self.

What they do well:

  • This page uses a third-party service called Afterpay, which allows visitors to make easier purchase decisions and help to convert them into customers;
  • The product descriptions were written with a friendly and personal tone which are in line with their brand voice;
  • In addition to displaying the product with different images, the company also uses a model video to show how the vase look and feels when you decorate your home with it.

Pro tip: Use featured videos to show customers how to use the product.

Kombu is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts that ferment to create a product packed with healthy benefits. The present moment is meant to be enjoyed and that’s what our tea-based beverages are all about.

What they do well:

  • The product photography and page design is outstanding because is not what is expected as the ‘normal’ product page;
  • The copper colors and textures shine and shoppers can marvel at the natural beauty of the product.;
  • Every pixel has been well thought out to create a simple yet bold design that demands attention.

Pro tip: Use a simple page layout with a prominent call-to-action. Include minimal distractions so your customers stay focused on completing their purchases.

Pilgrim sells thoughtfully curated essential oil collections and designed aromatherapy diffusers to elevate your home and wellness.

What they do well:

  • The product information is short and descriptive;
  • The design includes recognizable lifestyle images, helping to prove our value;
  • It offers multiple payment methods, including express checkout options like Shop Pay, G Pay, and PayPal;
  • It clearly presents refund and returns policy information (30-day returns, 1-year warranty);
  • The page shows the shipping policy (4-day shipping to the US and UK).

Pro tip: Remember to show your product in multiple settings and thus will help your customers think creatively about their own spaces.

Kettle & Fire sells bone broths and soups made by world-renowned chefs, in containers you can store in your pantry for up to two years.

What they do well:

  • It has a carousel of different product images including lifestyle shots, nutrition labels, “what’s inside” infographics, and more;
  • Customer ratings are highlighted underneath the product name, and bulleted lists are used to share details in a concise and informative way;
  • It offers a few different buying options while giving shoppers a clear way to pick and add their items to the cart;
  • It highlights its refund and shipping policies underneath the Add to Cart call to action.

Pro tip: Showcase all the things that make your product stand out, like its nutrition labels.

Barner offers high quality computer glasses that enhance and improve your digital life.

What they do well:

  • This page presents its products with images and videos to show how it fits and looks good;
  • It showcases the key selling points and offers several options creatively;
  • The clean white background and easy-to-read font lets your eyes quickly find any details you’re looking for;
  • The discount information is highlighted under the CTA with brief heading words “Get more for less”.

Pro tip: Clearly display your product dimensions and shipping information, so that customers will have all the information they need to add the product to their cart without having to leave your product landing page.

Thinx is a clothing and undergarments brand that makes absorbent, zero-waste products for people with periods.

What they do well:

  • The Thinx product page shows a wide range of body shapes and sizes to display the inventory;
  • It has an interactive, 360-view feature on all of its products, making the online shopping experience more reliable than competitors;
  • It clearly tells the key reasons why you should buy the featured product with a customer’s review.

Pro tip:

Note how Thinx includes the emotional value in their product descriptions. Remember to tell your customers how the product will impact their lives instead of telling them what the product is.

Buffy is committed to providing the full range of customer experiences, not just with their products, but from the product page itself.

What they do well:

  • Buffy uses every element of its product page to appeal to your senses;
  • It offers a 7-day free trial where you can use and decide on the sheets;
  • It uses a caret to embed long text associated with each section.

Pro tip:

Consider using a caret design, which can be as effective as a toggle for reducing page scroll.

PooPourri is a brand dumping the shame, delivering quality products made with natural essential oils that eliminate the funk and leave things smelling better than you found them.

What they do well:

  • It uses a mix of concise product descriptions, recognizable images, and bold colors to give shoppers the necessary information to decide if they need a toilet spray;
  • It is the embedded customer reviews to make customers easily scroll and read recent testimonials;
  • It provides multiple payment options, including “subscribe and save” options for recurring orders.

Pro tip: Consider using an impactful product image and a different pricing plan, which is conveniently situated right alongside a review rating.

FOREVER 21 is a fashion industry leader making the latest trends accessible to all while inspiring unique style and confidence.

What they do well:

  • It has super bold colors and text that let the customer know about sales and deals right away;
  • All the key information from product images thru descriptions are laid within a single page view, without much need of scrolling;
  • The page makes great use of product recommendations-based items a shopper may like based on browsing history, and matching products often purchased together.

Pro tip: Show more items on the product page can make shoppers more comfortable with a large online purchase and can help drive sales for the business.

Johnny Cupcakes is the World’s First T-Shirt Bakery! They bake apparel dripping with sweet pop-culture references and serve ’em with a smile.

What they do well:

  • The page shows its product with a video, product declaration and endorsement all at the same time;
  • The design of its site is consistent and easily navigable and plays up the company’s unique “bakery” aesthetic;
  • It has a fun touch that the page loading animation is a guy chasing after a cupcake.

Pro tip: The lack of clutter removes any distraction from the buying experience, giving shoppers a direct path to purchase.

Orangina is a carbonated citrus drink that has been around since 1935, and it has exactly four products — original, red-orange, light, and tropical.

What they do well:

  • It has different but matching colors, making it more like a visual spectacle than a product page;
  • The animated images and bold colors fit in perfectly with the Orangina brand personality, making it fun to explore;
  • The page fills some blocks with actual products and others with simple tips and details about its products, making it different from a basic produce page but an outstanding one.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a lot of products to sell, you can consider interspersing your design blocks with tips and information about the products you do have available.

Maxim Shkret is a digital artist platform to raise funds to potentiate the creation of physical sculptures.

What they do well:

  • It has a 360 product view that allows shoppers to fully see the product digitally across all angles;
  • The page navigation is seamless with clear CTAs and stunning visuals;
  • Its simple yet modern page visuals blend perfectly with the product design.

Pro tip: Visualizing the final product as shoppers customize to their heart’s content is a great way to increase the product appeal.

Seedlip is on a mission to change the way the world drinks with the highest quality non-alcoholic options.

What they do well:

  • A light color palette gives the site an airy feel, and the fonts they chose to use support that;
  • The short descriptive words and reviews are geared towards educating the shoppers on quality and use of its products;
  • The interface follows the design of simplicity without overwhelming options and choices, helping customers to focus on the product itself with the goal of communicating a sense of purpose.

Pro tip: Use light color palette and large photographs of its tasty products, making your product page pleasing to the eye.

Missguided is an eCommerce store that sells outfits. They take a lot of effort in ensuring their above-the-fold converts immediately on their product page.

What they do well:

  • The first element on this section of the page is a clear incentive, which is to create a sense of urgency since it’s a good deal and encourage customers to add that product to the cart.
  • It provides a Customer section that creates dedicated links to each possible question;
  • It has a clear description of all available delivery options as well as how much each of these options costs.

Pro tip: Consider using Customer section which can help to improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Now let’s zoom in on the best practices to give you a better overview of what you should focus on when designing your product page.

As for the design process, it usually begins with a brief or necessary list of features. Most designers start their design with pen and paper sketches to generate ideas on how to bring these elements together. This is called a wireframe — a simplified skeleton representation of the page structure. Once you finish the sketch, you will need software to accurately represent how the page will look. Prototyping tools like Mockplus will help you create interactive prototypes, which allows the designers to focus solely on user experience early on and speeds up the testing process. What’s more, it allows designers to upload their Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD designs to collaborate with team members and hand the design off to the developers, streamlining the design workflow efficiently.

A standard product page usually includes all of the following elements: Navigation and logo, product images, the title and breadcrumbs of the product, CTA and some extra information like social proof or customer reviews. You can consider using a template-based layout approach, which will be easy for the customers to get the information they want.

How can you grab the customer’s attention? Just use large, crisp, high-quality photos of your products, which can help you build the trust that you need in ecommerce. Because the customer cannot see the product in-person, the high-quality images that cover all of the product’s details make the buyer feel confident in making their online purchase.

Given the power of referrals, it’s best to prominently feature reviews from customers on your product pages. Reviews build trust and give potential customers the reassurance they need from others to make their purchasing decisions.

The product description plays an important role in the product page design, it is a moment of opportunity for the seller. If you want to write descriptions that win sales, remember the following tips: give important information first, keep it short and sweet and make it match the tone of your buyers. What’s more, you should avoid being overly descriptive, robotic, and keyword-happy.

It is a great way to motivate the customer to make a purchase by highlighting the scarcity of items creates anxiety in buyers. Seeing how few products are left, the shopper feels as though they’re going to miss an opportunity to buy the item if they don’t purchase quickly. You can indicate how many items are left and have a pop-up bar when someone makes a purchase to highlight scarcity on your product pages.

A CTA could be an add to cart button or a buy now button, or anything else. It has to be easily recognizable and should compel the visitor to act. When you decide the color of the CTA, you need to consider that if the color contrasts with the color scheme of the rest of the page, it will stand out so that it grabs customer attention.

As an online seller, the product page is your final moment to win the sale. In this guide, we’ve looked at the 15 of the best product page design examples that will inspire your design and some of the best practices you can take to improve the shopping experience for your customers. Now it’s up to you to apply these practices to your own e-commerce store to start driving sales.

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