UX design : Mistakes and learnings from my project | by Avishek Nayak | Dec, 2021


Avishek Nayak

Hi readers, a new day with a new blog for you guys to read. Today, I will be sharing my mistake I made in one of my project. As a designer you should always take your review seriously and work on it. As of now let’s get started.


When I was learning about UI/UX designing, I did a project on secondary research, creating lofi wireframes and prototyping it. I completed the project in 2 weeks, but the experience I got will remain with me till lifetime. I will divide this project in 2 parts. First what I worked on and second what mistakes I did.

Let’s talk about my work first.

To create a website, I choose an investing and financial domain. I picked this because I was confused. My mentor gave me two days to explore, and I couldn’t make a decision what domain to choose, so I chose this at random.
For God’s sake, picking this domain was the worst decision I’ve ever done.
I just had a basic knowledge of financing and investment, so I anticipated it would be quick for me to create.

I had a concept to create a website where new users with no prior financial experience could go to learn about investing and financing. My goal was to introduce users to all the items, pricing information, and other information that is available in the market so that they can acquire it swiftly. I did some research and properly connected all the elements, but it didn’t come out the way I had expected. I meant to make something, but it turned out to be a total mess. So where it went wrong ?

Mistakes I did


I was actually trying to create a website of all basic information so that the users could understand before starting investment, which was not available in the market. So my research had no meaning to my website I designed.


Asking users what to design is an absurd idea. Users don’t understand what they really need. They just like the process of how it works. I designed my whole website based on what my users were telling. Here users are my friends who had not started investing and knew nothing about personal finance but wanted to.


I was deeply focusing on how should I design look rather than the content. I missed creating user flows, one of the most important part of designing. Also, I was creating something new, so I forgot to change some parts from my research. All these created a mess and mass confusion.


I took small flows from every different websites and created a new, which created a mess. I wasn’t using my mind, rather was just going in the flow of what users (my friends) were telling.

That’s how my 2 weeks of work became a huge disappointment for me. The only good thing that happened is, I got to know what designers shouldn’t do. I got so many experiences and lessons to learn.

Thanks for reading.

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