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Compiler (Red Hat)

This episode is supported by Compiler, an original podcast from Red Hat discussing tech topics big, small and strange.

Compiler unravels industry topics, trends, and the things you’ve always wanted to know about tech, through interviews with the people who know it best. On their show, you will hear a chorus of perspectives from the diverse communities behind the code.

Compiler brings together a curious team of Red Hatters to tackle big questions in tech like, What is technical debt? What are tech hiring managers actually looking for? And, do you have to know how to code to get started in open source?

I checked out the “Should Managers Code?” episode of Compiler, and I thought it was interesting how the hosts spoke with Red Hatters who are vocal about what role if any, that managers should have in codebases—and why they often fight to keep their hands on keys for as long as they can.

Listen to Compiler on Apple Podcasts or anywhere you listen to podcasts. We’ll also include a link in the show notes. Our thanks to Compiler for their support.

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