Creating Visual Identity with Colors

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While the mood board was
being created,
I was simultaneously thinking
about the color palette.
This was an extremely challenging task for me because
there are so many colors to choose from.
Apart from the number of options,
all these colors have different meanings
to different people
and could invoke multiple emotions.

What challenges did we face while creating the color palette?

I had to start somewhere
so I decided to use technology
to resolve the problem.
There are some websites available
that take an image and generate a color palette
based on the colors in it.

I took the initial version of our moodboard
and fed it to these websites.
These websites presented a
good number of color palettes.

The only problem was that none of these palettes
could correctly represent our brand.
I realized that it was because of the images
which we chose for the moodboard.
Most of the chosen images had strong background
colors which were impacting the color palettes.
That’s when I decided to recreate the
moodboard with images without any
dominant background colors.
With the new mood board,
I could get consistent color palettes
across different tools.

Now, we had a good set of color palettes to choose from.
A lot of them were good
and we had to decide which one to go ahead with.
For this, we decided to tweak the
autogenerated color palettes to our liking
and also associate some meaning to them.

This is the final color palette
which we decided to go ahead with:

A more diverse set of colors

This is how the primary color palette was created.
But this had only five colors which might
not be sufficient for some applications.
Therefore, we decided to create an extended palette
and added 20, 40 & 60 & 80 percent black
and white to each of the primary colors.
This yielded us even a more diverse set of shades.


Gradients are one of the hottest trends
in graphic design recently.
It is a great way to add dynamism to
our brand touchpoints.
So, we decided to use them subtly in certain aspects of
our brand such as primary CTAs,
to grab the user’s attention.
This article talks about some reasons
why gradients work and
how to create the perfect gradients for your brand.

Look at the images above.
These are the different color styles
that we created for our brand.
Continue reading to find out how we
defined the typography for our brand. 📝

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