Insightly WooCommerce Integration [How To Sync Data]

Insightly WooCommerce Integration [How To Sync Data]

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There was no such thing as CRM tools. When it is getting more and more hard to do business and get customers, there it is.


Resources were quite limited earlier. Whatever you attempted to sell, would sell out quickly. You wouldn’t even have to make an extraordinary effort. It was a buyer’s market at the moment. 

Nowadays, almost 90% of people are working on manufacturing and supply. We’ve transitioned from a buyer’s market to a saleable condition as we’ve embraced the era of capacity constraints.

Regardless of how much a business automates its manufacturing and enhances productivity, it won’t be capable of making its statistics seem any good if that doesn’t comprehend its potential consumers. As a result, they started to pause and consider random facts, likewise-

  • We’ve long known that black was much more appealing, but how could customers like it pale?
  • It was a bad idea to open a new branch here. The people simply cannot justify spending.
  • How exactly did they do it? Consumers are outraged.
  • We invested 80$ to incorporate this functionality into the product, and the pricing has only actually risen by 90$. Why are consumers no longer trying to purchase?

Since all of the causes for disappointing sales are blamed on a lack of engagement with customers, the emphasis diverts attention from the product towards the consumer, and thereby your business modus operandi modifies from a product-centric market to a customer-centric one. 

That’s where a CRM comes into the scene to rescue.

Insightly crm

So, What Is Customer Relationship Management aka. CRM? (In Case You Need A Short Idea)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a term that refers to the management of customer relationships.

These are the software programs that manage a business’s communication and relationships with its existing and potential clients.

Whenever it comes to handling relationships with customers, how do you ensure hardly anything gets through the gaps? Post- Notes, email, odd scraps of paper…

Get A Rough Notion Here…

The idea of establishing a CRM (customer relationship management) system can be intimidating for many business owners.

For starters, there’s the impression that it will cost an arm or a leg. And then there is the issue of getting time to add one further thing to the ever to-do list. But that’s not the case actually….

A CRM system, when properly implemented, can be a very effective tool. You can manage all of your interactions with current and potential consumers in one centralized location, record their unique preferences, and then use that data to truly create customer loyalty and make more sales.

The Best Part is that you’re doing it without spending a Fortune or wasting Countless Hours struggling to figure out how to use It.

I can think of numerous CRM alternatives, such as HubSpot, Mautic, Salesforce, ZOHO, Insightly, and so on. Now, here utilizing Insightly as an example, we’ll go over the details in great depth…

So, let’s get this started…

What Is Insightly CRM & Its Alluring Perks Over Other CRMs?

The way your sales department interacts with clients, how they interact with one another, and, most notably, how your clients want to interact with you, will all change the future of your biz.


Insightly is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform with basic CRM functionality and a project management tool to help teams complete tasks faster.

Insightly’s CRM dashboard allows small businesses, particularly freelancers, to manage contacts, organizations, relationships, and suppliers by directly exporting or receiving them.

insightly dashboard

When we tried Insightly, we discovered that it is really easy to use and it can effortlessly take account of your prospects, revenues, and contacts. Although, it is way more pricey as it includes advanced features that most CRMs do not.

Even if you’re new to this CRM, getting started with it and implementing it is quite simple. The Insightly CRMs dashboard is simple and intuitive, allowing you to control everything from one location. Insightly gives you whatever you need to get a comprehensive view of your customers by delivering precisely whatever they want throughout the shopping experience.

Additionally, Insightly offers a full-featured mobile app for iOS and Android that allows you to access the Insightly dashboard while on the go. However, these features are limited based on the plan that a user has purchased. Insightly is presently only available on the web and on portable devices. 

This is all about CRM, I hope this interests you more. You can avail CRMs assistance anytime by offering your data and getting started with it. 

Manual processes let people lose their Interest, as this is the era of Process Automation. So, why can’t your CRM processes be carried out Automatically? 

You can….yes heard that right. That’s where the question arises- what if you’re on WooCommerce already operating a fully functional store and require assistance from Insightly, then how would that work?? 

Don’t worry, let me detail WooCommerce Insightly Integration here-

WooCommerce Insightly Integration: How Does This DUO Workout In A Sync?

People began to ponder about the best ways to collect, sort, and retain massive volumes of customer data like sales, marketing, and customer support approaches expanded along with technology.

We all know very well that an Insightly CRM is capable of combining all pertinent data in one location and giving a customer-centric viewpoint. 

Together, WooCommerce and Insightly magically enhance productivity, offer better reporting, wiser decisions, and, most importantly, better customer experiences. The first step is to connect your preferred Insightly CRM to your existing online store, such as a WooCommerce store.

So, how do you get both platforms to work at sync….?? Simple, utilizing the efficient integration options available in the marketplace likewise the Insightly Integration for WooCommerce by MakeWebBetter.

insightly integration with woocommerce plugin

Yes, that is an efficient and outstanding integromat i.e. third-party integration available exclusively over WooCommerce Marketplace. This integration plugin simply integrates your WooCommerce store with the Insightly CRM utilizing the Insightly WooCommerce integration API and thereby automating your entire consumer data i.e. orders, customers, and products with the CRM for further utilization.

4 Steps To Integrate Insightly With The WooCommerce

  1. GO to the WooCommerce Marketplace.
  2. INSTALL the Plugin on your Website.
  3. After Installing, SET-UP the Plugin.
  4. START Customizing the Existing Feeds or Creating new ones as required after Setting up the Plugin.

For further assistance-

The plugin comes with features including the ability to create feeds, map WooCommerce and Insightly fields to modules, synchronize historical data with One-Click and Bulk sync

What Are The Possibilities With Insightly CRM For Your Business Online…?

Finding the right solution for your Business is one thing but finding an economic solution with enterprise-class functionality is also equally important. SaaS models come with an ample number of knock-on factors which has changed the software environment and has been a boon to SMB’s.

new possibilities with insightly

With an unmatched range of features, industry expertise, and deployment options, Insightly CRM is the right choice for a small enterprise or a budding enterprise. much comprehensive, scalable and affordable CRM solution with a much lower TCO. A highly tailorable solution offered at a predictable per user, per month price, best suited for SMB’s.

Let’s dig deeper into that….

Insightly is a simple and powerful CRM solution created exclusively for small businesses that are used by over 350,000 small businesses and freelancers in over 100 countries. You can quickly and easily retrieve information on a contact, such as their background, email history, and any crucial dates, using their system.

Although Insightly is a CRM for everyone, it works particularly well with a few enterprises. Let us find out who they are-

1. SME Organizations looking for a new Comprehensive Contact and Pipeline Database might consider this

Since Insightly does have a built-in project management approach, it’s a fantastic tool for such businesses that would like to keep track of their contacts throughout the sale and post-sales phases.

Such businesses on WooCommerce could make use of WooCommerce Insightly integration solutions available as integromats.

Insightly is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs). It enables you to manage your leads, contacts, and opportunities and convert them smoothly into sales. 

2. Organizations and Teams seeking to Streamline their Complex Processes

Insightly provides an outstanding collection of workflows and task management solutions that offers your marketing reps to focus on selling rather than on dwelling time on boring activities. So, bang on the choices and introduce Insightly CRM integration with WooCommerce today on your eCommerce store.

3. If you’re a Real Estate Agent looking for a Free Lead Management Solution, look no further

Insightly includes tools for quickly locating and handling leads. Furthermore, it has a mobile app that allows you to maintain contact with sellers and buyers even while you’re not at work. It’s one of the finest free real estate CRMs we’ve discovered.

I’ve also been putting Insightly into the trial utilizing the WooCommerce Insightly integration plugin. Up to this point, I’ve enjoyed the clear design, simple language (especially if you’re new to CRM), and also how simple it was to set things up at first. 

insightly crm

If you’re searching for a simple yet powerful CRM, give Insightly for WooCommerce a shot. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in every industry, Insightly was created from the ground up.
  • Sales and marketing teams may benefit from more leads, improved relationships, and business intelligence thanks to Insightly.
  • You can substantially impact the way you handle leads, projects, and sales using the Insightly cloud-based CRM. On the same systems, you can monitor anything from setting clear expectations to completing projects.

insightly or other crms

  • The Insightly WooCommerce integration’s dashboard is simple to use and completely configurable; you can quickly edit reports and charts to meet your specific needs and distribute them to your team. Insightly also interacts easily with GSuite, MailChimp, Zaiper, Outlook, and other third-party apps and services.
  • Introducing additional work with your day is one of the most challenging aspects of deploying a CRM system in the first place. Up to this point, I’ve discovered insightly to be quite user-friendly.

It includes features that make it easy to manage your repeatable business processes, allowing you to build better relationships with your clients. With three Insightly pricing plans to choose from, you can start small and upgrade as your business grows.

Insightly Integration For WooCommerce Store: How Can It Be Your Best Choice??

Insightly has all significant capabilities that are worth considering regardless of what you really want to sell or how many consumers you have to handle.

Let’s have a glance at some of the key aspects of Insightly that may turn down as a growth and development possibility for your business-

1. Strategic Planning For Your Biz Growth

Outstanding management of customers and prospects data can let you attain heights in biz through effective strategic planning and executions. 

Properly structured data can become the power for your business outreach mechanism, which adds fuel to the process and lets you hassle-freely plan for multiple campaigns with respect to your business requirement.

2. Effective Third-Party Integrations

When it comes to integration with 3rd party applications and services, Insightly shines. It allows you to keep in touch with the services you are already using.

With Insightly, you’ll rarely lose a document with connections to your documents or companies, and you’ll be able to extract relevant data from your email inbox, among other things. MailChimp, Google Apps & GSuite, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, Xero, Quickbooks, Zapier, Dropbox, Evernote, Ninja Forms, Slack, Hubstaff, CircleLoop, PieSync, and others are among the Insightly integrations.

The majority of CRM platforms do not link with significant 3rd party apps and tools, making it more difficult to automate using other CRM functionalities. That somehow helps you reduce the burden on your site and cut additional customization costs.

3. Outstanding 24*7 Sales Forecasting

Insightly offers enterprise-grade statistics over Insightly WooCommerce Integration’s dashboard to help you enhance the efficacy of your campaigns.

It provides precise insights into your initiatives, including open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and another engagement rate. It also lets you perform A/B testing to see which campaigns are the most successful. 

This proves the effective forecasting capability of CRM that lets you save time wasted earlier gathering insights from different sources.

4. Offers A Comprehensive Project Management

Without sacrificing any data, you can simply convert won chances to projects using Insightly. To guarantee on-time delivery to your clients, you may track milestones, control procedures, and combine them with external entities.

5. Effectively Enhance Sales Pipeline Efficiency

With comprehensive automated marketing capabilities, Insightly makes marketing automation simple. The advertising module makes it simple to recruit and retain clients, allowing you to expand your business more quickly. Insightly has an effective advertising machine built-in.

Pipelines are also quite simple to construct and administer. You can interact and attract better clients and expand your business faster with the assistance of Insightly advertising. 

Advertising and marketing are the backbones of the biz, therefore just by introducing Insightly CRM integration with the WooCommerce program, you’ll gain effective assistance that would definitely be appreciated.

insightly is the best

6.  Enhance Field Team’s Productivity

Managing a sales staff adds a great deal of stress and confusion to your life. Need not worry about that too, as Insightly would thereby resolve such issues from now on for you by completely automating or streamlining your activities and, as a result, improvising your team’s performance thereby.

Isn’t it a WOW feature of a CRM?? Undoubtedly…

7. Workflow Automation Is The New Norm

Workflow automation with Insightly allows you to construct sophisticated, multi-step business operations with all ease. 

Manual processes are way more costly, time-taking and are quite prone to inaccuracy. Whereas, in the case of Insightly, everything is into one unified digital space so you can drastically decrease your time-to-sale and cost-per-sale. 

This directly leads to effective utilization of your time with respect to the requirement and lets you focus on other factors too. 

8. Improves Customer Relationships Miraculously

Recognizing a customer’s relationships with coworkers, managers inside the company, and partners is essential to building a strong relationship with them.

With Insightly’s powerful record linking capability, you can simply map and understand your consumers.

It enables you to quickly link clients, emails, conversations, and other information to a contact in your data. This will allow you to figure out who knows who and then create a clear picture of an organizational process.

As a result, the selling process is well-managed, with the appropriate amount of monitoring in place throughout the sales cycle, from billing through comment activities.

9. Prospects Capturing Is No Longer An Issue

As a marketer, you understand the importance of time. You might be able to convert a potential paying customer if you pitch a consumer at the correct time.

Lead routing with Insightly allows you to track the most important accurate findings, including rich activity duration advertising campaigns, emails, meetings, tasks, phone calls, and more.

It directs leads to the appropriate individual in real-time, allowing your sales team to follow up on leads and zero in on hot opportunities. Your whole sales team will be aware of the condition of each lead thanks to the lead routing’s friendly and straightforward design.

10. Build & Deploy Custom Apps with Ease

Insightly makes it simple to create entire custom apps for your company. Custom apps with validation rules, calculation fields, workflow automation, dashboards, and reports are all possible. 

Once you’ve finished designing it, you can easily distribute it to your staff so they can use it on the web and on portable devices. 

What’s needed anymore….

As a result, Insightly is described as an intuitive solution that aids in the management and monitoring of critical data to aid in the development of a successful customer experience. All you have to do is manually import your clients’ information using a CSV file or a Gmail Address book, and then use it efficiently.

By increasing communication and optimizing procedures, you may perform better while managing your clients using Insightly CRM. Each internal sales team has access to a client’s file and is aware of the client’s current status as well as who is actively interacting with them.

Finally, using Insightly CRM for your WooCommerce store utilizing the WooCommerce Insightly integration alternatives will improve your sales process management tremendously, with the proper amount of tracking in place throughout the sales cycle, from invoicing to post-sale activities.

Don’t Forget To Checkout “CF7 Integration With Insightly” From MakeWebBetter

Connect your WooCommerce store with Insightly and CF7 i.e. Contact Form 7 with ease.

To Sum Up…

It’s all too reasonable to think that CRM will resolve all of your difficulties and instantaneously maximize your revenues, but it won’t at least not without some planning. You must first examine your current situation before you begin.

Even if a solution claims to be straightforward, it’s always advisable to seek professional help – especially if you’re new to CRM and also have no or minimal IT resources. Initial CRM assistance enables you to get fully operational much more swiftly and ensures that you are off to a fantastic start.

Insightly is a simple and comprehensive cloud-based CRM that works wonders for small and midsize enterprises. Because of its low cost of deployment, it is one of the best CRM platforms to start with.

Please Do Not Look For Insightly If You Are:

  1. One of the Companies Looking for a Robust Free CRM.
  2. Businesses That Want to Integrate Social Media With Their Sales Processes.
  3. Companies That Rebrand and Resell CRMs.

Most of its plans come with a single platform that includes features like marketing, CRM, sales, and project execution that are simple to use. Along with its intelligently regulated process and leads distribution components, it distinguishes itself from the competitors.

The CRM industry is exploding. In anticipation of this, Insightly has acquired funds to help them establish properly. CRM was once known as Customer Relationship Management, but it has since evolved to Customer Experience Management.

There was a time when a CRM was once used to enhance sales, it is now used to acquire, convert, and keep customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your WooCommerce store assisted by a CRM, we recommend Insightly for that. It’ll drive all your sales and revenue woes to nothing…

I hope you enjoyed my WooCommerce Insightly integration article. Please leave your ideas in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you.

Good Luck…

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