Power Platform | Advent calendar Day 22

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You missed the one and only? Well today, we might look at something – that for many of us should be even more exciting.

Advent calendar – opening door #22

It´s something that is not that often talked about, but pretty important. Something that makes Microsoft´s offer unique: The multi-cloud support. You think you do have an idea what could be behind today´s door?

In many of my conversations, I am challenged by someone asking „But isn´t it a single vendor lock-in?“. Well, in the end you have to buy from someone if you like it and if you like some more from one vendor than the other, would we already call it a lock-in? In fact, there´s even more behind today´s door that helps addressing: Why this isn´t a lock-in and why there´s an option for multi-cloud.

Go check it out. Here´s the link to unlock today´s door. Until then,…

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