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Hello Everyone,

Recently I have created security role  “Admin” Which I copied from existing System Customizer role. Now if I login with user having newly created role and on trying to assign any role to other user it throws same error everytime with the following error “PrivilegeName: prvAppenddatalakefolderpermission”. For my surprise I cannot find this entity anywhere to give append privilege to table ” Data lake Folder Permission”.  Below is complete error message. Any help appreciated. 

” RoleService::VerifyCallerPrivileges failed. User: 1ss3bc36-1234-ec11-66ee-000d3af4f06a, UserBU: 98624139-3611-ec11-b6e5-000d3af40d12, PrivilegeName: prvAppenddatalakefolderpermission, PrivilegeId: 047d3b82-8ed7-4342-a3f7-9018b1c12345, Depth: Basic, BusinessUnitId: 64d9740e-6054-ec11-8f8e-1234486dc513, MissingPrivilegeCount: 53″



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