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Three Memoji behind computers

Three Memoji behind computers

Welcome back to day two of WWDC. (We hope you got some sleep after the excitement of those announcements!) Our first sessions are now available. Learn what’s happened so far and discover some of the great stuff in store for you.

Welcome to day two

We hope you’re rested and ready to learn about more of the latest Apple technologies and frameworks, because we’ve got a lot to share with you.

Catch up on the Keynote

Missed out on the Keynote and Platforms State of the Union on Monday? No FOMO necessary: We’ll take you through all the good stuff in under two minutes.

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Got a few hours? You can also watch the Keynote and Platforms State of the Union for more details on widgets, app clips, SwiftUI, and more — right in the Developer app.


Swan’s Quest

Tuesday kicks off “Swan’s Quest,” an interactive Swift Playgrounds adventure in four chapters for all ages. Use your programming prowess to aid our Hero in navigating through mystery, decoding scrolls, and writing music.

In our first chapter, our Hero must navigate a dark cave — and the only way to light the torches is to make them accessible. Learn about VoiceOver and write interesting audio descriptions. You just might help our Hero find their way out… and get a clue for the next challenge.

Swan’s Quest was created for Swift Playgrounds on iPad and Mac, integrating aspects of our Sonic Create, Sensor Create, and AR Create playgrounds to design an entirely new educational experience. Check it out, and don’t forget to stop by the Developer Forums and let us know what you think!

Swan’s Quest, Chapter 1: Voices in the dark

Download Swift Playgrounds for iOS

Download Swift Playgrounds for macOS

Learn more about Swift Playgrounds

WWDC coding and design starter kit

Whether you’re learning to code early on or coming to it later in life, we want to help you start developing for Apple platforms. We’ve created a collection of sessions that provide a great introduction to our latest technologies and frameworks. We’ll be releasing new sessions in the collection every day — stay tuned!

Coding and design starter kit

Explore developer documentation

There’s lots of new Developer Documentation and sample code to discover during WWDC20.

Documentation technologies page

You can copy code directly from individual sessions using the Copy Code feature in the Developer app, download sample code projects on the Apple Developer website, and check out the new Technologies index, where you can quickly find information and API changes around existing frameworks.

Find the right documentation

Explore WWDC20 sample code

Apple Developer Documentation

Meet the developers

This week, the App Store is sharing stories of developers across the world as they adapt their businesses and help their communities. Here’s an excerpt from HomeCourt co-founder Philip Lam’s journey to support athletes and basketball players stuck at home:

A few weeks after the pandemic started, NEX Team cofounder Philip Lam noticed something unusual about HomeCourt, his company’s basketball-training app: Users were hacking it.

Unable to get to gyms and courts, athletes figured out how to adapt the app’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence—designed to track basketball shots, dribbles, and passes with an iPhone or iPad camera—for soccer, in-line skating, hockey, and other sports. “There’s no way for us to determine if you’re using a basketball,” says Lam. “People started noticing that it just worked.”

Read more on the App Store

Conversations at WWDC

Tune in for two special events later this week.

Apple Vice President Lisa Jackson and former Attorney General Eric Holder

On Wednesday, Lisa hosts a discussion with former US Attorney General Eric Holder on the fight for equal justice, how technology can empower people to change the world for the better, and ways to help in this moment.

A conversation with Lisa Jackson and former Attorney General Eric Holder

Rob McElhenney

And on Thursday, the cast and creators of the Apple TV+ hit show Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet will answer questions from the Apple developer community. Join Rob McElhenney (executive producer/co-creator and Ian Grimm), Charlotte Nicdao (Poppy), Imani Hakim (Dana), Danny Pudi (Brad), and Megan Ganz (executive producer/co-creator) as they review one of their favorite scenes and answer submitted questions.

Enjoy day two of WWDC! Sessions are available on the WWDC tab in the Apple Developer app as well as on Apple.com. And if you have questions about a session or want to chat with the community, don’t forget to check out the Developer Forums.

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