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Business Rules introduced in dynamics quite a few years back with CRM 2013 , We have been using these dynamics features since then..  

These Business rules internally generates JavaScript code which will be executed on relevant form, I have Created Tool which will allow us to view and export this JavaScripts for development purpose.

This will mainly help to diagnose any business rules issue encountering in dynamics 365 or data verse application.

To Install this toll, open XrmToolBox Tool Library and selected “BusinessRulesScriptViewer” and then press Install

Once installed, open this tool and connect to the relevant data version environment.

Following are brief steps on how to use this tool.

XrmToolBox : BusinessRulesScriptViewer

Step 1: Select Solution from the solution dropdown

Step 2: After Solution is selected, the system will show you all entities which are in the currently selected solution so pick the relevant entity (or table) where the auto number column resides.

Step 3: Once Entity is selected, it will populate all available Business Rules for selected Entity in left tree view Control.

Step 4: Select relevant Business Rule, system will show script related to selected Business rules

Step 5:  if you want to save current selected Business Rule JavaScript to Disk then Press “Save Selected BR Script”

Step 6:  if you want to save all selected entity Business Rules JavaScript to Disk then Press “Save All BR Scripts”

XrmToolBox : BusinessRulesScriptViewer

I hope this helps…

Mayank Pujara

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