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This new tool allows to migrate any personnel views from one user or team to another user or team.

This is linked to one of my old blog article https://mayankp.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/crm-2011-reassign-or-transfer-personal-views/

This Tool is useful in scenarios where one of the CRM users left the company and that user owned specific views which need to be transferred to his replacement CRM users/Teams.

These personnel views are created by old users using CRM advanced find screen and hence they are personal views of that user and as per CRM security settings even system administrators can not able to view and transfer these views to new users or Teams.

To resolve this issue, I have created the following new XrmToolBox Tool called “ReAssignPersonnelViews”.

Once installed, open this tool and connect to the relevant data version environment.

Following are brief steps on how to use this tool.

XrmToolBox : ReAssignPersonnelViews

STEP 1: Selected Source User or Team, After selecting this system will load all personnel views for selected user or team in below Grid Control

STEP 2: Select views from Grid Control which needs to be Transferred across to New User or Team

STEP 3: Select Destination User or Team

STEP 4: Finally Press Transfer Selected Views To Destination User or Team Button

After Pressing Transfer button, the system will display the log of transferring Views as Shown in the screen print below.

XrmToolBox : ReAssignPersonnelViews Log Screen

Note: – 

1.Please note that both users’ needs to be active in the CRM to perform the above actions.

2.The Destination User or Team must have valid permission to hold these views.Hope this helps.


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