Why more organizations are visualizing CRM data in Kanban view

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 Industries across the world today
use data visualization tools to transform the raw and unorganized
information into something which is useful and easy to understand.
Why? Because the human brain is not well equipped to interpret and
analyze raw data.

By the estimates of some researchers, humans process visuals
60,000 times faster than text or numbers. Perhaps it helps explain
why global movie industry in raking in billions! So it is not a
surprise that data visualization has now become an integral part of
analysing and improving business process in organizations.
Visualization tools help businesses to recognize patterns and
trends more quickly, simply because it presented analysts and
executives with a graphical representation of their processes.

A variety of apps can help a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM customer
with data visualization. But recently, apps providing Kanban view
of Dynamics 365 data have become quite popular among professionals.
‘Kanban’ is a Japanese term which means ‘visual signal’. It is also
a visual scheduling system implemented by Toyota to manage their
production system.

In the context of CRM, a virtual Kanban board can help to better
understand customer-related processes, track the progress of
various projects, and gain an overview of the workload in terms of
tasks and workflows. A Kanban app will replace the grid views in
CRM with Kanban views. All the records in a particular view, let’s
say ‘All Cases’ will be systematically arranged in multiple lanes
under the following categories – In Progress, On Hold, Waiting for
details, Researching, etc. As per the current status, the records
will be displayed as movable cards in these lanes. This arrangement
would give instant clarity about workflows and pending tasks in

Let’s examine some points to keep in mind while selecting your
favourite Kanban app.

Easy Configuration across Devices

Look for apps that can be configured for web, mobile, and tablet
interfaces for a unified experience. Ease of switching devices
eliminates the mobility issues that causes hindrance to real world
work conditions.

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