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Another challenging year behind us, it´s time to say „Good bye“ to a year that started and ends with another set of pandemic regulations here in Germany. Remind the gap, Smile behind your mask – and Sorry, no Fireworks! „Cringe“ made it to the word of the year for the youth and „Wellenbrecher“ (Breakwater) became the word of the year 2021.

And what about the community? Certainly, way less in-person meetings, more breakdown and life balance challenges and questions like, how to perform and grow in a hybrid work model? What´s MFA (multi-factor authentication), and who could help me setting up my home office to help me perform my tasks and responsibilities while limiting distraction by family member? Open mindset discussions turned black or white only (at least it seems). All this, are top of mind when looking back at 2021.

Design-Thinking in hybrid work

We all recognized being part of a marathon, instead of a sprint and tried applying new rules of engagement as possible. To me it was key to help customers setting up or shaping their digital transformation journey during pandemic using all the tools that are offered and win them thinking about innovation and go beyond the standard. And I don´t think it´s a secret that not everyone thought that running Design-Thinking workshops remotely could lead to almost the same, if not even better outcomes once everyone accomodate with the new hybrid work model.

Technology was a key driver to enable us rapidly reacting first and improving in an agile manner second. And Technology will surround us in the upcoming years even stronger.

Gartner Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022

Gartner recently shared the Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022 with all of us and I don´t think it´s a huge surprise that with „Decision Intelligence“ and „Hyper Automation“ we do see familiar topics that will grow even bigger and become critical for generating even more business outcomes and value.

Working at Microsoft and being allowed to take a deeper look into all those building blocks being a Global Black Belt, but also not being limited to Microsoft Technology only, working together with a great Partner ecosystem and growing industry knowledge, to me provides an optimistic outlook to a new year ahead of us.

Happy New Year

I picked a quote from Dave Grohl from The Storyteller, a book that I had the pleasure to read last month that I think is a perfect greeting to welcome 2022, but also to show the potential that we all have each day. It´s on us to draw and write on that canvas and make the world a better place for the next generation. And there´s a lot of challenges that we will need to run through in the upcoming years as we missed to make significant changes in the past.

Transforming our economy to respect there´s only one planet is certainly THE biggest challenge to allow the next generation a proper, healthy living and growing. But did you know we’re entering the year of the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything? Happy New Year to all of you — may we find more answers. Until then, …

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