Please don’t drown. How setting a mission and strategy will… | by Dom Goodrum | Dec, 2021


I’m a terrible swimmer. I always have been. My biggest problem is I forget to do my legs. I’m all breaststroke or frantic front crawl arms… but unfortunately, very little leg movement. I just get carried away. As you can imagine this technique or lack of, leads to lots of splashing, slow progress, and generally a waste of energy.

This ‘lots of motion and not a lot of output’ approach reminds me of my experience of leading a design team for the first time at Percolate. Looking back to the propaganda I released, my efforts gravitated to people development and team culture, both of which were noble causes — but my catch-all ‘Our design process needs to adapt to new technologies’ bet reveals I was missing a handle on the most important piece of the pie. Design.

There were periods when we pursued design activities. User research programs. Design sprints. Icon design. Usability studies. We’d also spin up projects where we saw gaps, and whilst our intention was good, we didn’t always follow through, which was frustrating for the team — and left me feeling like I was drowning and not leading.

As you know hindsight is a wonderful thing, and over this past year, I’ve built on my past experiences and introduced a structured approach to guide the design activities we do at Let’s Do This as we look to inspire and enable the teams around us. This post looks at how our approach has helped improve our practice and the impact we’ve had.

  • Setting our mission
  • Up-levelling research
  • Going from 0–1 with content
  • Showing the future
  • Modernising our language

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