Prevent Duplicate Leads for Same Product, Different Marketing Sources

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We market several products at the same time. A person may be interested in Product A and Product B that ran several marketing campaigns at the same time.

A lead for Product A may download a brochure from our website, then sign up for an online event, then also respond to a discount offer ad. The same lead can also do the same for Product B. So with this scenario in our current D365 setup, this lead will appear 3x for Product A, and will also appear 3x for Product B.

How do we make it so that the lead will only appear 1x for Product A but will show that he downloaded the brochure, signed up for an online event, and also showed interest for a discount offer? And then we want to see him appear also in the list of leads for Product B with his responses to Product B’s marketing campaigns also listed in a single record?

Right now, we see several duplicate lead records of the same person for Product A and we’re getting hundreds of lead records per product. It’s inefficient and wasting time of our telemarketers.

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