Your brand positioning impacts your content architecture (aka design with real content) | by Liva | Jan, 2022


It goes something like this:

We had a meeting with the senior management and there are a few labels we need to change…

Oh…? I didn’t know there was a meeting…

It was only for the senior management.

But seems like you went deeper than high-level strategy and discussed the user experience too. I would have loved to hear the feedback first-hand. It would really help me deliver a better product. Perhaps you could invite me next time? [smiles hopefully]

Yeah, well, the UX designer was there. They will pass on the feedback. We like to keep these meetings small so that we can be more efficient and focused.

Oh, but content is part of the user experience… [gets excited] Content helps to shape the design and vice versa. At the end of the day, our customers don’t think in terms of content or design, they just see the final product.

I think we are off-topic now. You just need to change a few labels. The brand voice has to be more edgy.

[shrieks in horror] We are changing the brand voice? It must mean the whole brand positioning is changing?? We’re halfway through development. Will the design change to reflect the new direction? What about marketing materials? And we have the help content to think of too. Is the release date postponed?

I feel you are being difficult. I thought you are a team player. We can’t pay the agency to re-do the marketing stuff, and it is impossible to postpone the release. We are asking for your help to make the product more edgy. You just need to edit some content. I am not sure what’s the problem here.

— — — — The next day — — — —

Hey, so half of the impacted screens are already developed. Since our brand positioning was focused on speed above all else, we prioritised conciseness and coming straight to the point in our content. The strategy also impacted how our content is structured and onboarded to our content and translation management system. I guess what I am trying to say is, we are not able to make all the changes you want via the CMS. Some changes will need development work and need to go into the backlog.

This is unacceptable. We are just asking to change some labels. How come our CMS is so inflexible. I will be speaking with your manager about this.


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