15 Best Examples and Best Practices of Typography in Web Design


Vincent Xia

Typography has become increasingly fundamental in web design projects. With a great typography, you can design a website that will suit and complete your brand of the business.

It is widely known that large typography is currently among the most popular trends in web design. If you have designed extremely sized typefaces with large weight that are dramatic, extravagant, eye-catching, you will undoubtedly have a website that attracts and wins over most visitors.

In this article, we have collected 15 of the best examples of typography in web design and also shared with you the best practices for your inspiration.

In short, typography makes words of text come alive. It gives meaning to a website’s alignment, size, font, layout, and color. All of these details are important because they provide a comfortable reading experience for as many visitors as possible.

1. Van Holtz Co

Van Holtz Co is a studio specializing in refined digital web experiences with a focus on animated, responsive, and interactive content. This is a lovely homepage design with shades of purple, while massive, interactive, attractively-animated typography dominates the page. The large letters at the right-hand side of the screen list all the projects that the studio has worked on, and if you move your mouse over the project’s name, the letters lose their fill and become outlined, which serves as a great example for typography design.

2. Cambridge International School

Cambridge International School is an example of education website. The typography of this website includes texts of different sizes but all serve a clear and simple function. On this website, visitors can meet the perfect navigation button and the designer also creates a creative design for visitors to follow. It is a great example for designers where the menus, navigation systems, and buttons are all quite well designed.

3. Child’s own

Child’s own is a website that takes children’s artwork & drawings into custom stuffed animals & custom plush toys. As for the typography design, the designer used two contrasting fonts but they work well together. The typeface of the headings is contrasting with the typeface used for the instruction part. The font of the heading text makes the design playful, which suits the “kids” theme of this website.

4. The Next Rembrandt

The Next Rembrandt is a 3D printed painting, made solely from data of Rembrandt’s body of work.This website design is outstanding for its negative space and typesetting. The overall minimalistic nature of this page really highlights the central text and brings the theme of the website into focus. The navigation bar is also clear and easy to understand.

5. 1MD

1MD is another example of a well-designed website. The designer used a unique typeface for headers, navigation, and main text for this website. Its unique templates and design will not distract the visitors and will keep them forever on the page.

6. Kashoo

Kashoo is an experienced team of innovative developers, creative designers and seasoned marketing consultants. This website is created with an animated grain texture effect, which makes it all look very movie-like. The interesting-looking typography on the site inspires us to stay on the website and makes us want to learn more about this site.

7. Innovator. Boris Ignatovich

Boris Ignatovich is a master of Russian avant-garde photography. As for the website design, it is not recommended to put too small words, but in this case, the switch of the colors and the weight of the cool fonts creates a slightly exciting contrast. The visitors may have the feeling that “It looks good, but I don’t know why” when they enter the site.

8. evolve wealth

Evolvewealth is a company that offers bespoke independent financial advice from tax planning to wealth building, preservation and later life planning for its clients. Speaking of the page design, the designer uses huge white typography in its header to state its motto and continues with horizontal bands of good pieces of information.

9. RSQ

Red Square is the agency for what comes next, which deals in ideas, media and design. The design of the homepage is another example of a clean design that uses the right typography and palette of colours. The texts on the page are the main attraction of this design, so the fonts are very well chosen.

10. Luke Stephenson

Luke Stephenson is a photographic road trip exploring the world of the 99 ice cream. This page has a clean and elegant design and it is a good example of choosing the right typography for your project.

11. Pest Stop Boys

Pest Stop Boys is a pest control company. The designer uses so many great colors as both backgrounds and texts for this page. The great use of typography, big background graphics and animated cockroaches make the services and contact information hard to be missed on.

12. By the Books

By The Books is a virtual literary festival featuring books curated by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. This is a great example of how typography can influence a site’s design. The headlines and body text use the same typography throughout the page but the different books use additional typefaces, making it a slightly contrasting but matching design.

13. Marianne Brandt

Different people may expect different things when they hear the name Marianne Brandt, and how could it be translated into a website? This site has a definite Bauhaus feel with its flat colors and Futura fonts. The overall aesthetic of the design is minimalist and clean, but definitely would not make visitors feel bored.

14. Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum offers the latest news, exclusive peeks behind the scenes, world-class art and remarkable history. As for the page design, the large letters in a custom typeface span the screen and continue off page, making the Rijksmuseum seem larger than it is in real life. The design of the main navigation can also attract the visitor’s attention; when clicked, it slides down for users to select a subcategory.

15. KOTI Sleepover

The homepage design for KOTI’s is very simple and it is one of the most subtle but effective implementations of heavy typography I have seen. The minimal illustrative style makes a wonderful contrasting to the large, black emphatic brand type.

Limit the number of fonts

Match and pair the fonts properly

Limit your line length

Set the line-spacing

Use a color contrast

Avoid using all caps

Remember to test your text

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