Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Monthly Update-January 2022

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Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Services

Featured News

Dynamics 365 Marketing | Customer Experience Metrics you are not tracking | Customer Performance Indicators

The key performance indicators (KPIs) enable the tracking of customer-centric metrics such as net promoter score, customer satisfaction score, and customer effort score but still it ultimately measure benchmarks important to the organization, not the customer.

  • To fully enable your organization to be ahead of the customer journey curve, go beyond KPIs with customer performance indicators.
  • Customer performance indicators (CPIs) quantify and measure outcomes that are desired by customers.
  • These outcomes could include time savings, cost savings, convenience, flexibility, a sense of security, or any number of other outcomes customers deem valuable in the context of your product or service. There’s no cookie-cutter set of CPIs; they will vary widely across industries, organizations, products, and regions.
  • Learn how Dynamics 365 Marketing helps your organization optimize the CPIs that lead to elevated experiences.
  • Do not forget to watch the on-demand Webinar on How to get started with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

For overview check this page on Dynamics 365 blog.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights | B2C-inspired personalized experiences

B2B organizations are taking a page out of the business-to-consumer (B2C) playbook and focusing on personalized experiences instead of a one-size-fits-all approach—and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft’s customer data platform (CDP), can help organizations gain a 360-degree view of the B2B customer essential for driving personalized engagement.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps enterprises create a single view of the customer, measure behavior, and unlock and activate insights. Audience insights shows who your customers are and what they feel while engagement insights reveals what they’re doing on your digital channels.
  • The Microsoft Customer Experience Platform, introduced at Microsoft Ignite, is a complete solution that puts organizations in control of their customer data to personalize, automate and orchestrate journeys during the entire customer lifecycle of awareness, to purchase, to service.
  • With a deep understanding of customers and rich, out-of-the-box AI and insights, organizations can now determine and predict intent to deliver the right content on the right channel and in the right moment.
  • To learn how to unlock the value of your customer data to create B2B experiences that surpass expectations, Visit Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Microsoft Customer Experience Platform to see these capabilities in action.
  • Do not forget to watch the Webinar: Personalize B2B Experiences with Customer Insights

For overview check this page on Dynamics 365 blog.

Deprecations & Service Retirement | Power Platform | Dynamics 365 | Portals

Power Platform | Deprecations | Upcoming 2022 Services/Features retirement

February 2022 | Deprecations & Service retirement

Support for viewing and managing application users in legacy web client is deprecated

  • Effective February 2022, the list of “Application Users” will not be available under Advanced Settings > Security > Users.
  • You can use the Power Platform admin center to view and manage application users.
  • Check the post here.

Support for Microsoft 365 Groups and Yammer in Dynamics 365 is deprecated

  • Effective February 2022, support for Microsoft 365 Groups (previously known as Office Groups) and Yammer in Dynamics 365 will be deprecated.
  • This will impact customers who use Microsoft 365 Groups and/or Yammer for collaboration in Dynamics 365.
  • We recommend that customers transition to Microsoft Teams for more advanced collaboration functionalities.
  • For information about integrating Dynamics 365 with Teams, see Integrate customer engagement apps in Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Teams.
  • If you’ve questions about the deprecation, contact your Microsoft Customer Service representative or Microsoft Partner.

April 2022 | Deprecations & Service retirement

Upcoming WS-TRUSTOrganizationServiceProxy Authentication Type Shutdown in the spring of 2022

We are doing this to provide better Identity security, authentication support, cross platform support and to enabled future improvements in our overall platform supported product suite.  Effective February 4, 2020, the WS-Trust authentication type that is used by custom clients to connect to Dataverse is deprecated.

  • Who is affected?
    • This affects you, your customer, or your tools if your connecting to DataversePowerPlatform and:
    • You’re using a version of our SDK Client OLDER then (shipped in April of 2018 )
    • You’re using Office365 Authentication with the CrmServiceClient on ANY version.
    • You’re Using the OrgnaizationServiceProxy directly, either via the CrmServiceClient, or using it directly from the Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client.dll
    • This does NOT affect Plugins that run on the Dataverse Server.
  • Requested GO-DO’s
    • If you are in the in the use case above, make plans and fix it now without waiting until close to the deadline. 
    • If you are using tools, Partner or ISV provided tools, raise awareness,  provide the link HERE which walks though identification and updates required. 
  • Retirement phased approach
    • Effective April 2021, the authentication protocol will be retired for all new environments within a tenant.
    • The retirement of new environments starts April 1, 2021 and rolls out gradually in all regions within a 6-week window.
    • Effective April 2022, the authentication protocol will be retired for all new and existing environments within a tenant.
    • More information: Use of Office365 authentication with the WS-Trust security protocol

Model-driven app controls Deprecation & Retirement

  • Some older controls for model-driven apps are deprecated.
  • These controls include Flip Switch, Calendar Control (V1), Linear Slider, Radial Knob, Arc Knob, Linear Gauge; along with the Website Preview control, MultiSelectPicklistControl (V1), and the Flip Label (two radio buttons format option).
  • Why is this needed?
    • These controls are outdated and don’t conform to our current standards for useability and accessibility.
    • For example, we’ve received feedback that the Flip Label control is difficult to determine its intended use and users commonly don’t see the options available to choose from, such as “yes / no” or “enable / disable.”
  • Impact
    • Starting April 2021, these controls can no longer be added to forms.
    • For instances of Flip Label control, the control will be transitioned to a drop-down.
    • For all other controls, they’ll continue to work within existing forms until April 2022.

October 2022 | Deprecations & Service retirement

Some client APIs Deprecation & Retirement
Deprecated Client API : ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx

  • The ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx page is deprecated and scheduled to be unavailable after October 1, 2022.
  • Use Power Apps component framework overview to build configurable and reusable components that enable external integrations in a supported way or use custom pages to add custom full page or dialog or pane experiences into model-driven apps, with the flexibility of the canvas designer.
  • Check the list of deprecated client APIs here

November 2022 | Deprecations & Service retirement

Dataverse OData v2.0 Service removal

  • We plan to remove the Dataverse OData v2.0 Organization Data Service on November 11, 2022.
  • This announcement does not involve the deprecated Organization Service SOAP endpoint.
  • At this time, no date has been announced for the removal of the SOAP endpoint.
  • The Organization Data Service was deprecated with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement v8.0 in favor of the Web API, an OData v4.0 service.
  • Today, less than .06% of requests to Dataverse use this endpoint. Removing this endpoint will enable Dataverse to improve overall performance.
  • Any code that uses the Organization Data Service should be migrated to use the Web API before that time.
  • More information: OData v2.0 Service removal date announcement

Data export Service

  • Data Export Service (DES) is deprecated.
  • Data Export Service will continue to work and will be fully supported until it reaches end-of-support and end-of-life a year from this announcement date, in November 2022.
  • This notice is to allow you sufficient time to plan and onboard to Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse which is a successor to Data Export Service.
  • The Playbook will guide them through the initialization, planning, and adoption phases.
  • For more details, check out this page on Power Apps blog.

Portals | Important Changes, Deprecations & Service retirement coming in Power Apps Portals

Table permission changes for forms and lists on new portals

  • Starting with release 9.3.7.x, newly created portals will have table permissions enforced for all forms and lists irrespective of the Enable Table Permissions setting.
  • To configure anonymous access explicitly, use proper table permissions, and web role setup instead.
  • More information HERE

SameSite mode changes

  • Starting with portals version 9.3.6.x, makers can mark SameSite mode as Strict for all portal cookies where applicable.
  • With this change, we’re adding a new website setting to control the SameSite mode for all cookies, configurable at specific cookie level.
  • Starting October 2021, all newly provisioned portals will have Strict as the Default value instead of None.
  • To learn how to configure site settings for portals, go to Configure site settings for portals.
  • More information HERE

Deprecations | Useful Links

  • For Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Apps :
  • For Power Apps Portals:

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Power Platform & Dynamics 365 | Release Waves & Service Updates

Manage Updates

Release Waves bring new innovations, new features and capabilities into the products.
Service Updates continuously bring stability and reliability into the products with set of repaired functionalities, hotfixes.

Public Preview | Managing your maintenance Window for database and application updates in Power Platform Admin Center.

Understanding Release Waves Update

Current Release Wave: 2021 Release Wave 2 (2022 Release Wave 1 coming soon)

Tips to Stay informed on Updates notifications
Stay Informed on important service updates and other major updates changes with Message Center notifications through Email preferences for Dynamics and PowerApps using Microsoft 365 Admin center or Manage email notifications to admins using PowerShell

Service Updates | Microsoft Dataverse

Dataverse Updates are typically deployed every week and reflect the environment update information.

Dataverse 9.2.0 Service Update | Latest version available:

What is included?

  • Repaired functionality for unified Interface, accessibility.
  • Resolution of actions that produce errors, unhandled exceptions or system or component failures.

How to determine if your organization has received the service update?

  • To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dataverse version number.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.
  • Click here to see the Latest Version Availability for your Dataverse

Service Updates |  Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Apps

Sales App | Service Updates

  • Sales App/Solution Service Updates are typically deployed every 2 weeks and the schedule will be published every other Wednesday.
  • Sales App/Solution Version are deployed based on region specific times.
  • Click here to see the Latest version availability and Next App/Solution Version based on you region.

Customer Service | Service Updates

  • Customer Service App/Solution Service Updates page is updated every Tuesday.
  • App/Solution Version are deployed based on region specific times.
  • Click here to see the Latest version availability and Next App/Solution Version based on you region.

Field Service | Service Updates

  • Click here for information Field Service Updates and Service Update release schedule for your region.

Power Automate Service Updates

  • Power Automate is not available in all regions at once.
  • Instead, each version is made available incrementally in different regions of the world.
  • Click here for the last Power Automate Release Note and Release schedule for your region.

Power Apps/ Unified Interface/Power Apps Studio/Mobile Make.PowerApps.com Service Updates
Latest Version Available:

Product information

  • Power Apps is not available in all regions at once.
  • Instead, each version is made available incrementally in different regions of the world.

Power Apps Portals | Service Updates

Latest Version Available:

  • Latest Portal updates 9.4.1.x (January 2022) is now available.
  • Click here for the latest Portal version availability.

Product Information

  • A portal consists of the following components Portal Solutions and Portal website Host.
  • Portal Website Host is typically updated automatically on a monthly basis to the latest versions.
  • Portal Solutions are updated by customers.

Portal Update, Upgrade information

Power BI Desktop & Power BI Server | Service Updates

Latest Version Available

Product Information

  • Power BI Desktop is updated and released on a monthly basis, incorporating customer feedback and new features.
    • Only the most recent version of Power BI Desktop is supported; customers who contact support for Power BI Desktop will be asked to upgrade to the most recent version. Get the latest version of Power BI Desktop from the Download Center
  • Power BI Service | The following updates are new to the Power BI service this month: Get started with goals in Power BI (preview)

Dynamics 365 Marketing | Service Updates

Latest Version Available

  • Check the latest Dynamics 365 Marketing Version and enhancements here
  • Latest Version Number : Marketing – 1.35.10079.1022

Product information
December 2021 Updates

  • With the Dynamics 365 Marketing December 2021 update you can create journey branches based on any attribute, track unsubscribed users in real-time marketing insights, and manage Microsoft Teams meeting options from the Dynamics 365 Marketing app.
  • The update also includes general performance upgrades and bug fixes.
  • The latest enhancements include:
    • Real-Time Marketing
      • Customer journeys
      • Marketing Insights
    • Outbound Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-premises | Release & Service Updates

For the latest Service Updates for Dynamics 365 on-premise release version 9.0 and 9.1 visit Service Updates

Dynamics CRM (on-premises) 9.1

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 9.0

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Power Apps & Dataverse | Product Updates

Dataverse | Data Export Service Deprecation | Replacement with Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse GA

Data Export Service (DES) is deprecated, an add-on feature available via Microsoft AppSource which provides the ability to replicate data from Microsoft Dataverse to an Azure SQL store in a customer-owned Azure subscription.

  • Data Export Service will continue to work and will be fully supported until it reaches end-of-support and end-of-life a year from this announcement date, in November 2022.
  • This notice is to allow you sufficient time to plan and onboard to Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse which is a successor to Data Export Service.

Why is Data Export Service deprecating and what is the replacement?

  • Right tooling to enable advanced scenarios to help understand future behaviors.
  • Vehicle to push data to a store but also analyze this data for insights.
  • End-to-end way to work with data in Microsoft Dataverse, from running AI and machine learning, integrating with external datasets, and slicing and dicing large volumes of Dataverse data.

Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse

  • Accelerate time-to-insights using Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse a built-in and available out-of-the-box tool.

Using Azure Synapse Link, we currently support two options to export data from Dataverse:

  • Export Dataverse data to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2
  • Export Datverse data to Azure Synapse Analytics

While exporting Dataverse Data to ADLS Gen2 provides flexibility to stage data and later move to the desired destination, exporting Azure Synapse Analytics is highly recommended since it provides an end-to-end way to work with data in Dataverse.


When using Azure Synapse, you will only pay for the capabilities you opt in to use.

  • Azure Data Lake Storage Pricing
    • Scalable, secure data lake for high-performance analytics
    • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
    • More information here.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics Pricing
    • Limitless analytics service with unmatched time to insight
    • Pay-as-you-go pricing model.
    • More information here.

Start onboarding to Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse with the Playbook

Model-Driven Apps – Enabling features using Settings in App Designer – Public Preview

New Settings solution component

  • We are excited to announce public preview of a new solution component named Settings.
  • Using settings, application authors can, with just a few clicks, activate or configure features for a model-driven app.
  • This allows them to easily and quickly provide a customized experience for end-users.
  • These settings can be created by application authors, administrators, or partners

For more details about how the new Settings navigation work to provide customized App experiences, and examples, check out this page on Power Apps blog.

Model-driven Apps | Visualize data in model-driven apps with Power BI | Preview

  • We are announcing the availability of Power BI quick reports in model-driven apps in preview. This update combines the capabilities of Power Apps, Power BI and Dataverse in a seamless way to help you visualize and understand your data – with one click.
  • Power BI quick reports add to the flexibility of data visualization options already available in Power Apps.
  • While charts and custom components allow you to create specific, custom visualizations in Power Apps, Power BI quick reports generate a report automatically based on the page context, combined with an understanding of underlying data types, with no prior set up required.
  • Enable Power BI quick report visualization in a model-driven app through the app’s setting area.


  • Generate insights and visualization in Power Apps without losing context of your work by selection “Visualize this View” command at the top of the page.
  • There are several options available to personalize this visualization to help you visualize the data in ways that are meaningful to you.
  • Here’s the post on Power BI blog that details the ways you can interact with the visual.

For more details check out this page on Power Apps blog.

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Power Apps Portals | Product Updates

Power Apps portals as mobile apps | Preview

  • We are excited to announce the upcoming capability of portals as a progressive web app, enabling makers to enable portals into apps with native app like look & feel right from portal studio in just few steps!
  • We are leveraging Progressive web app technology (PWA) to enable portal to multi-platform supported app which works on all platforms (android/iOS/windows) as well as all form factors (mobile/desktop/tablet).
  • With PWA, end user can pin Power Apps portals as an app to the home screen on a mobile device or install it from the app store.

Preview Feature Capabilities

The feature provides the following capabilities during this public preview:

  • Create low code-no code branded app in just few steps from portal studio
  • Manage basic offline experience of your app
  • Distribute your app via browser or app stores

Full details on this page of Power Apps Portals.

Support for Microsoft Dataverse choices columns | preview

We are announcing support for Microsoft Dataverse choices columns in Power Apps portals with version 9.3.11.x (Note : Updates are currently rolling out)

  • Choices control on a page allows users to select multiple options from a pre-configured list. Portals makers can design web pages with lists and forms that use the choices control to provide create, edit, and view experience for end users on this column type.

Preview Feature Capabilities

  • Professional developer support
    • Professional developers can build customized pages using Liquid code and Web API services in portals where choices columns will now be available to them for use in FetchXML and Web API operations.

Full details on this page of Power Apps Portals.

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Power Automate | Product Updates

Collaborative comments in Power Automate

Last month at Ignite, we announced a set of collaboration capabilities across Power Platform.

  • Today, we are excited to announce even more features within commenting on Power Automate.
  • Now, you can at-mention your co-workers in your comments  and have others receive email notifications when you do so.
  • As multiple users work on automating a business process, these capabilities will be critical in helping makers collaborate seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Additional note:
    • Moreover, recently launched co-presence feature provide users with a visual indicator of other makers who are currently editing the flow, and provide ways to minimize conflicts.

For more information check out this page on Power Automate blog.

Power Automate for desktop – December 2021 update

We are happy to announce that the December 2021 update of Power Automate for desktop (version 2.15) has been released!

  • You can download the latest release here.
  • New features and updates have been added and include:
    • The web and desktop recorders are now unified
    • Tenant picker is now supported in the console (Preview)
    • Create a copy of a desktop flow through the console
    • A new action ‘Recognize entities in text’ is now available
    • Syntax highlighting in scripting actions
    • New functionality to clear last error in action ‘Get last error’
    • New functionality to capture unexpected errors in action ‘On block error’
    • New capability to save an Excel workbook in Binary format
    • Window element has been added as parameter in action ‘Send keys’
    • The Windows OCR engine is now supported in OCR actions

Check out the full list and details on the Power Automate blog page.

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Power BI | Product Updates

Power BI | December 2021 Feature Summary

Check out the video for this month summary  –

  • New features include capabilities for:
    • Reporting
    • Modeling
    • Service
    • Embedded Analytics
    • Developers
    • Visualizations

Check out this page for full details on the new features.

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Learning & Training Corner

Customer Power Platform Success stories

EY Nordic Tech Hub transforms annual salary review process with Microsoft Power Platform

  • EY is a global professional services firm with over 300,000 employees across 150 countries. With specialties in assurance, tax and transaction, and advisory, they have delivered client solutions to 1 million users worldwide.
  • EY is also a global leader in providing digital solutions. Most recently, the EY Nordic Tech Hub team transformed their annual salary review process with Microsoft Power Platform. The solution uses Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, SQL, and is connected to SharePoint online. With this new technology, a process that once took four months, now takes only two.

Read the details here for inspiration and concrete example of Power Platform usage.

Mixed Reality controls | Mixed Reality Features for Sales Scenarios

Showing products in a customer’s environment helps sales teams have better conversations about how a product might fit into a space, including how it impacts lines-of-sight and egress.

  • By using Mixed Reality (MR), you can visualize products at real size in context of the physical world to close deals that would not have happened with just images or videos and differentiate your company from its competitors.
  • Some of the capabilities include:
    • Bring content from anywhere
    • Intuitive and immersive placement experience into your customer’s space
  • Additional capabilities for driving deals:
    • Local content caching – up to 300 MB of models you have loaded before are cached to your device, allowing you to instantly load them for future experiences even when you don’t have a reliable internet connection.
    • Asynchronous file download – content is now downloaded as the MR experience is launched, making it faster to start placing models and images.
    • Model scaling (coming week of Dec 13th) – changing the scale allows for easier placement of large models and for small adjustments to seeing how the product fits.

Check out this page for demonstration and learn more about the Mixed Reality Controls

Power Apps | Power Platform Developer Tools: November Refresh

Right before the holidays, we are happy to announce the release of our November refresh for the Power Platform CLI and other great news from the Pro Developer tools team. It includes:

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