Site News #5: Observability, regular expressions, and more

Site News #5: Observability, regular expressions, and more

Hey there, graceful devs!

To ring in the new year, there’s a whole bunch new on Graceful.Dev since the last update. Let’s get right into it…

New Content

  • New course: In conjunction with Honeycomb, we’ve added a new course: Introduction to Observability, by Jessica Kerr. It’s still in its infancy, but there’s already a bunch of great videos to kickstart your exploration of the world of application observability. In keeping with the Graceful.Dev ethos of “living courses”, you can jump right in as Jessica builds the course, and help guide its evolution with your feedback.
  • New Tapastry topic: If you’ve missed my standalone episodes during the transition to Graceful.Dev, well, I’ve got a treat for you. There’s a new topic on Lazy, Greedy Regular Expressions in The Tapastry!
  • Forum imported: I’ve been steadily working on re-incorporating threads from the old Discourse-hosted forum from the days. Part 1 of that task is now done: all the conversations from the old Master the Object-Oriented Mindset (MOOM) forum are now imported into the Graceful.Dev MOOM forum! (This is also a reminder that… we have forums!)

Site Improvements

  • Links updated: We’ve updated thousands of links in the course topics that used to point to the legacy RubyTapas site. They are now internal links instead. If you run across a 404, let us know!
  • Scripts de-mangled: A lot of the video [tran]scripts contained incorrectly escaped HTML for links to external API documentation. These were ugly and they didn’t function as links. We’ve updated the content to fix these code links. (That new regular expression video was inspired by this update!)

That’s it for now. Stay graceful,

— Avdi

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