Does IOrganizationService.(Dis)Associate not trigger (Dis)Associate plugins?

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I have two entities, Events and Missions that have a N:N relationship. I registered a plugin (let’s call it NewPlugin) to run on both associate and disassociate between these two entities. NewPlugin works just fine when a user manually associates a Mission to an Event via a subgrid, and same when disassociating.

The issue is that we also have OldPlugin that, among other things, can potentially associate several Missions to an Event at once via the IOrganizationService.Associate method. Unfortunately, the associations made via OldPlugin don’t appear to trigger NewPlugin at all. I have some tracing in NewPlugin, but I’m not seeing any trace logs being created after OldPlugin runs, which tells me that NewPlugin doesn’t get triggered at all.

Is this an instance of Microsoft half-assing their implementation of the (dis)associate messages/plugins, or am I doing something stupid? Would I be better off swapping my plugin to run on an Event’s update instead?

Note: we’re running¬†version 1612 ( on-premises if it helps.¬†

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