Episode #266 Python has a glossary?

Episode #237 Separate your SQL and Python, asynchronously with aiosql

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Brian #1: Python glossary and FAQ

  • Inspired by a tweet by Trey Hunner that referenced the glossary
  • glossary
    • All the Python and programming terms in one place
    • Often refers to other parts of the documentation.
    • Forget what an “abstract base class” is? Just look it up
  • FAQ
    • Has sections on
    • Some decent reading here, actually.
    • Example

Michael #2: Any.io

  • Learned about it via asyncer
  • AnyIO is an asynchronous networking and concurrency library that works on top of either asyncio or trio.
  • It implements trio-like structured concurrency (SC) on top of asyncio
  • Works in harmony with the native SC of trio itself
  • Check out the features
  • AnyIO also comes with its own pytest plugin which also supports asynchronous fixtures.

Brian #3: Vaex : a high performance Python library for lazy Out-of-Core DataFrames

  • suggested by Glen Ferguson
  • “Vaex is a python library for lazy Out-of-Core DataFrames (similar to Pandas), to visualize and explore big tabular datasets.”
  • out-of-core: “The term out-of-core typically refers to processing data that is too large to fit into a computer’s main memory.” – from machinelearning.wtf, a Machine Learning Glossary site.
  • Vaex uses memory mapping, a zero memory copy policy, and lazy computations.
  • There’s a great intro in the form of a presentation from SciPy 2019

Michael #4: Django Community Survey Results

  • Only 15% of Django developers use it ONLY for work, while two thirds use it both for work and for personal, educational, or side projects.
  • Majority use latest Django
  • Most devs upgrade every stable release
  • Postgres is the primary DB (MongoDB is nowhere in sight)
  • Most sites have Redis caching tiers

Michael #5: Extra, Extra, Extra, Extra:


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