NTS launches its own creative studio with a new Squarespace campaign

NTS launches its own creative studio with a new Squarespace campaign

Music platform and radio station NTS has unveiled the upcoming official launch of its brand-new creative agency, NTS Studio, with a new campaign in collaboration with Squarespace. In a series of short films, the campaign showcases three individuals that represent the talent distilled in the UK’s LGBTQIA+ creative communities.

The hint at NTS’ creative agency is the latest announcement of a music platform putting its extensive creative pool to use; in September last year, Crack Magazine announced the launch of its agency, the Crack Creative Company, or CC Co for short. NTS Studio has begun its new run of creative partnerships with Squarespace; each short from the campaign highlights a creative’s journey and craft, as well as sharing how their ideas and businesses flourished with the help of Squarespace.

Dancer and movement artist Saul Nash, fashion designer Chet Lo and photographer Campbell Addy are the creatives featured “as standouts in their field”, says a release. Chet Lo, who has forged a reputation for his visionary, futuristic knitwear and androgynous creations, discusses his technique and story. Campbell Addy, who creates work around unique narratives speaks on community. And lastly, the work of choreographer Saul Nash, who “continues to manoeuvre between performance, dance and fashion”, is explored.

“I felt this whole campaign has been a perfect introduction for NTS Studio,” says NTS founder Femi Adeyemi. “In everything we do at NTS, we always want to give back to the creative communities that allow culture to flourish… and we’re so pleased that Squarespace could help us give a platform to some extremely talented voices from the wider scene that deserve to be heard.”

The three films can be viewed on the dedicated campaign website.

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