How To Contact Google My Business Support | 3 Easy Ways To Contact Google

sterling sky how to contact google business profile google my business

sterling sky how to contact google business profile google my business

Info Current As Of January 14, 2022

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Things go wrong, questions come up, and sometimes you just need help with your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) account. But how do you contact Google My Business or Google Business Profile support? If you’re looking in your Google Business Profile dashboard to contact Google business customer service and no longer seeing a call button, you’re not alone, many in the local SEO industry have been frustrated by the recent changes in how to contact GBP (GMB) support and the removal of Google My Business’s phone number or ability to call them.  Sometime in 2020, Google Business Profile consolidated virtually all of its support contact forms into one single form.

As of today, the only way to contact GBP support is through this form. Alternatively, you can still find that same contact form inside the GBP dashboard, which we will outline below.

email icon image sterling skyEmail

Finding email and phone Google business customer service support options in 2020 have remained fairly challenging. Phone support is gone and email support is fairly buried within the support center and the “Support” section inside GBP.

As of November 11, 2019, Google removed its toll-free customer support phone numbers from the Google Business Profile (Google My Business) homepage. There is no longer any way to call Google Business Profile support.

Here’s how to find the email contact form from within your Google Business Profile Dashboard to access customer service support.

how to contact google my business

  • Fill out the support questions and Google will direct you to a help center document or they will present the option to email Google Business Profile customer service support.



social media sterling skySocial Media

(This is local SEO expert’s preferred method for how to contact Google My Business)

Expect a response from their customer service support team within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday only). During times of heavy usage, the google business customer service Social team can become backlogged and response times can take a week or more.

*Note: As of June 29, 2020, GMB Social Support is not functioning. It will be back online at some point, but no one in the local SEO community knows when just yet.

seo forum sterling skyGoogle Business Profile Forum

You can’t talk directly to a Googler on the forum but can get advice from the Google Product Experts who have the ability to escalate issues if necessary. The Google Business Profile Forum is peer-supported and managed primarily by a group of Product Experts that have the ability to escalate issues and cases to Google.  You can see a list of the current Product Experts here.  It’s best to post on the forum if you want feedback on a particular issue, see something odd that you feel might be a bug, or need clarification on a particular policy. For spam-related issues, you need to use the Redressal Form

Shortcuts to Different Google Business Customer Service Support Forums

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