10 Pieces of PHP Developer Advice in 2022: Advice #5: How to Find a Mentor to Learn From His Experience Faster – 8 minutes – Lately in PHP Podcast Episode 90 Part 5

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If you were not aware, you are the hero of your life when you do good things for others. If you do bad things, you are the villain.

Sharing your code is a way for you to do good things for others and be other people’s heroes when you share quality work. If you share quality work consistently, other developers may become loyal to you.

Still, nobody knows everything. There will be times when you will face challenges that seem very hard or even impossible to solve.

Those are the times that you need guidance from a mentor. A mentor is an experienced person that can teach you how to solve difficult problems. Keep in mind that difficult is not impossible.

A person seeks help when they are not able to solve a problem by themselves. Asking for help is a sign of humility. Seeking help when you are stuck is characteristic of the attitude of all heroes.

A mentor is a person that can provide the necessary help in the form of guidance to help you to make good decisions.

Nowadays, I act as a mentor for developers and other people that are not software developers. My greatest mentor was my mother. She is dead, but she was also a hero for me as well in her time.

Soon I will start giving mentoring sessions to developers that contribute to the PHP Classes site. Mentoring can be about any aspect of like, not only about programming. It can also be quality of life or even business. I will get back to this blog to talk more about mentoring whenever it starts.

For now, you may want to watch this 4-minute video that explains the hero journey pattern about the lives of the heroes. It splits the lives in cycles divided into 12 steps, like the number of hours that appear in a clock. Notice that at 2 o’clock, the hero will meet the mentor to ask for help.

Soon that will be your hour to meet me and get personalized to help you solve difficult problems.

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