TicWatch X Arty arterial health smartwatch will launch on 1 March

TicWatch X Arty arterial health smartwatch will launch on 1 March

Mobvoi has teased the launch of its forthcoming TicWatch X Arty health smartwatch. The company used social media to announce the launch, which will land on 1 March

We reported on Mobvoi’s partnership with CardieX (and its ATCOR subsidiary), an Australian health start-up back in 2021, and it seems that relationship is about to bear fruit.

Arty is CardiX’s arterial health technology, and the teaser reveals that the TicWatch X Arty will feature “arterial and heart health insights.”

Previous leaks from XDA Developers, which we reported back in October, have revealed features such as an arterial health score, Exercise Capacity, arterial age, and Heart Stress Score.

CardieX has FDA-cleared technology for measuring arterial pressure waveforms – and from that can measure a range of health metrics, not seen on current consumer devices.

That means the TicWatch X Arty will be able to analyse hardening of the arteries, caused by lifestyle factors that can lead to heart disease.

Mobvoi has also been working on its own heart health features, and the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra also introduced TruHR ECG measurements from an optical sensor, which will also make an appearance according to source code analysis.

So what else do we know? Well the TicWatch X Arty uses a square case with a prominent crowd, which will draw comparisons with the Apple Watch. It also looks reminiscent of the TicWatch GTH, which is the company’s budget health smartwatch.

So while we have a good idea about what will be launched, we still don’t know the specifics of the smartwatch itself, the operating system it will run, and price.

Full details will drop at 9AM EST on 1 March 2022.

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