Motorcycling Adventures with Kerri Miller

Building Global Love Bubbles with Anne Griffin

02:28 – Kerri’s Superpower: Having an Iron Butt

06:39 – On The Road Entertainment

  • FM Radio
  • Country Music
  • Community/Local Radio
  • Roadside Attractions

15:11 – Souvenir Collection & Photography

25:42 – Working On The Road

27:37 – Rallies, Competitive Scavenger Hunts

30:40 – Tracking, Tooling, Databases

35:36 – Community Interaction; Sampling Local Specialties

38:40 – Recording Adventures

41:46 – Focus / Music

42:22 – Directed Riding vs Wandering/Drifting


Mandy: Taking time to enjoy yourself is SO important.

Jamey: Get started! Create a map, now.

Coraline: Permission to go down rabbit holes: wander aimlessly, and explore.

Aaron: If I’m not having fun, why am I doing this? Resetting expectations to your purpose.

Chelsea: Making “it didn’t always look like this!” stories accessible to folks.

Kerri: It’s a marathon. You can’t do a lot of things in a single step. We have traveled far from where we began.

Greater Than Code Episode 072: Story Time with Kerri Miller

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