Garmin teases new running watch for 7 March launch

Garmin teases new running watch for 7 March launch

Garmin has teased the launch of a new running wearable – and it could be about to focus on form and technique.

A tweet from the Garmin account announced that it would launch the new running device on 7 March – today – so there’s not too long to wait.

The teaser talks about the “action or movement” of a runner. And said that running was “easy to define, harder to explain”, which hints that we might get more than a simple running watch.

Garmin has been in the business of running dynamics, with a clip on accessory that delivers guidance on form. And chest straps such as the Garmin HRM-Run are also record plenty of running dynamics.

But until now Garmin has been good at producing data – but less helpful in making it actionable. And that could be about to change.

So if you will indulge us a little speculation – it will be interesting what we’re about to see.

Unless we get a completely new product line, we’d guess this could be Forerunner related.

The Forerunner 945 and the Forerunner 245 were both launch on 30 April 2019, so are long overdue an upgrade. So we would guess that one or both of these devices would become a 955/245. These devices have both been rumored, with Garmin Australia’s website leaking the existence of a Forerunner 955 back in January 2022.

We’ve seen devices such as the Forerunner 55, Fenix 7 and Garmin Instinct 2 go big on running features over the past year, so the top-of-the-range Forerunners could do with an overhaul.

Watch this space, and we’ll bring you news when we get it.

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