Run ray(), dump(), and dd() From Any PHP Script


Global Ray is a package that enables ray(), dump(), and dd() from any PHP script:

While developers in the Symfony and Laravel communities enjoy debugging functions like dump() that provide a nice output for developers who want to debug values in PHP applications, not all PHP communities and environments in which you might develop have dump functions.

Using Global Ray, you can run useful debugging functions in any PHP script, thanks to a PHP INI setting auto_prepend_file:

1composer global require spatie/global-ray


3# Install adds global ray file to `auto_prepend_file`

4# in your php.ini file

5global-ray install

After installation you can run ray(), dump(), and dd() from any PHP script on your system.

You can download and install this package for free on GitHub at spatie/global-ray. Also, check out Freek Van der Herten’s in-depth post on why this package was created and how it works.

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