Twitter Shares New Insights into Rising Topics of Discussion, Based on Analysis of Billions of Tweets


Twitter has published a new report which looks at key, emerging topics of conversation in the app, based on analysis of billions of tweets over the past two years.

Twitter’s 2022 trend report singles out three subjects that are seeing a lot more attention in the app, which could help to guide your strategic approach, by tapping into these discussions and shifts.

The three topics of focus Twitter has identified are:

  • The Great Restoration – Users are looking for corporations and governments to take more action to address climate change
  • Fan-Built Worlds – Fans are looking to collaborate in the creation of art and community, with the arrival of NFT culture enabling a new level of interaction and engagement
  • Finance Goes Social – Largely aligned to the rise of cryptocurrency discussion, more Twitter users are now looking to discuss financial opportunities and options

Each trend includes an overview of the evolving discussion, including notes on what it means, and the relative rise in tweet activity.

Twitter Trends 2022

There are also more specific breakdowns of the topical elements, and where people’s attention is focused within each.

Twitter Trends 2022

Finally, each topic includes a summary of key learnings, highlighting how brands and marketers can tap into each effectively.

Twitter Trends 2022

It’s an interesting report, based on a huge number of tweet discussions, while Twitter notes that its analysis has also factored in future growth, based on past trends. Which could mean that these topics will indeed gain a lot more traction in future, making this a valuable predictive document, and one worth noting for any marketer looking to maximize their tweet efforts.

Even if you feel like you know these trends already, it’s worth a look. You can download the full ‘Twitter Trends 2022’ report here (w/email sign-up), where you can also check out video summaries of each trend.

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