Ever been told to stop being dramatic? This exhibition is subverting the “hysterical” label for women and marginalised genders

Ever been told to stop being dramatic? This exhibition is subverting the “hysterical” label for women and marginalised genders

Contributing artists have worked in mediums ranging from short film to textiles to explore this concept through various themes. Works include Tayo Adekunle’s Reclamation of the Exposition, exploring the commodification, fetishisation and sexualisation of the Black female body both past and present, and Eleanor West’s Greenham Common Quilt, which explores the history of the Greenham Common peace camp and the lives of the women who lived and protested at RAF Greenham Common in the 1980s. Elsewhere, Jodie Bateman’s photo series My Hijab Has A Voice: Revisited investigates the stereotypes associated with being a Muslim living in Western society.

Other exhibiting artists include; Alice Skinner, Florence Winter Hill, Alia Romagnoli, Linnet Panashe Rubaya, Iga Bielawska, Molly Piper Greaves, Samiira Garane, Beth Suzanna, Charlie J Fitz, Sara Jardine, Josie Devine, Ophelia Arc, Florence Poppy Deary, and curators Eliza Hatch and Bee Illustrates themselves.

As part of Hysterical, Grrrl Zine Fair will run a Feminist Zine Workshop, giving attendees an opportunity to get creative and make their own Feminist Zine. Attendees will learn about folding techniques, binding and collage, while being able to hear all about zine history, Riot Grrrl and contemporary zine culture. Like the rest of the Hysterical exhibit, the workshop will have a focus on using art as a form of protest. Hysterical is also hosting a panel centred around the idea of “hysterical” and how it has been used to silence people with a variety of overlapping identities; speakers include Gina Martin, Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin, Cathy Reay, Maxine Williams, Tori West, and India Ysabel. As community is another key part of the Hysterical ethos, the panel are accepting questions and comments from across social media.

100 per cent of all ticket sales from the Hysterical workshop and panel events will go towards Mermaids and UN Women; any surplus raised from the exhibition Crowdfunder will also be donated to Hysterical’s charity partners.

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