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Forum Post: Change the Filter On option on Opportunity Associated View for Account form

Hi Necdet, Thanks for your response. Yes I am using fetchxml to retrieve records in Power Automate but the fetchxml doesn't seem to support left outer join which will help in my scenario. The suggested response will not work in my case. If I select Status equals 'Won' or 'Lost' that will display the accounts (Clients) records that has Won or Lost Leads, but eventhough there are open leads attached to it. Its because the account has multiple leads (one of them is 'Won' and one of them is in 'Open' status) My requirement is different, I have list of accounts and each account has many leads and opportunities mapped to it. I am trying to retrieve the account that does have any open leads or open opportunities. So the above suggested case will not work in my scenario. Is there any other suggestion please? Thanks Gowtham

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