10 Pieces of PHP Developer Advice in 2022: Advice #6: How Can a Developer Have a Balanced Personal Life with Great Quality – 7 minutes – Lately in PHP Podcast Episode 90 Part 6

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You will have a great quality of life when you have a balanced life. Your life will be balanced when you love all you do. When you have a lot of love, you will have a great quality of life, and you will live longer.

Having love gives you a lot of pleasure. If there is one kind of love missing in your life, usually you try to compensate with something else that also gives you pleasure.

For instance, if you find yourself alone for a long time, you may end up getting a pet for your own to be in your company. If you are not interested in having a pet, you may end up eating more of your favorite foods to get more pleasure.

There are 5 types of love that you need to have for you to achieve a balanced life. Read below to find if there is a kind of love that you are missing, so you can learn which people you need to seek to have more love.

1. Self-Love

You need to love yourself. You need to love what you are, how do you look, and how your body works. It would be best if you are healthy. If you have health problems, seek a doctor as soon as possible.

2. Spouse-Love

Every adult needs to have a love for their spouse. You can be married, or be together with somebody, or have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. It is all the same type of relationship that allows you to have spouse love.

One significant detail is that your spouse must be very compatible with you. This means that you like how they behave with you a great part of the time.

Similarly, they must like the way you behave most of the time. When this does not happen, you may end up fighting regularly, and sooner or later, you will break up.

If you are alone and do not have a spouse, you need to find another compatible person, if possible, at a rate of 80% or more.

For instance, my spouse and I are 84% compatible. We are working with a partner that will provide an application that will show how compatible you can be with another person if you want to consider he/her to become your spouse one day.

3. Family-Love

Everybody has a family besides your spouse. Maybe you have your parents, brothers and sisters, son and daughters, uncles, aunts, cousins.

If you no longer have parents, maybe because they died, or you do not have any other kind of relatives, consider having your own children. If, for some reason, you cannot have your own children, consider adopting a child.

Keep in mind that when you are very old and probably very sick, the most likely family members who will take care of you will be your own children. Consider always take care of your own children, just like your parents took care of you when you were a small child.

4. Friend-Love:  Friendship

Everybody needs to have friends. Friends are useful to give advice. They can also ask for your advice. A nice group of friends can help you to figure how to find solutions for your own problems. Friends can be good mentors.

5. Work-Love

Work is the activity that you do to make money. The best work is work that you love to do. If you are working in a job in an area, you do not like, consider moving on to another job.

The best areas for you to work are the ones that are from your own vocation. That is what people call a gift.

The areas of vocation can be of many areas. If you are reading this article, you will very likely have the vocation to be a developer.

Your work can be in many areas that you like. For instance, you may like being a developer and also a salesperson.

If you can work in many areas of your vocation, you will be extremely motivated, to the point that you may forget to do other things, like eating and sleeping. For your own sake, do not stay a long time without eating or sleeping because that is not healthy.

On the other hand, if you are not working in an area you love, you may eat too much or sleep too much to compensate. That is not healthy as well. You need to seek a balance.

I have developed a tool application that can suggest many areas to work on and be happy loving your work. Currently, the tool is just in the prototyping stage. We plan to release that tool in collaboration with a partner.

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