Take a dive into Issue 5 of Good Sport magazine, which explores notions of “communication” in sport

Take a dive into Issue 5 of Good Sport magazine, which explores notions of “communication” in sport

Ben Clement, co-creative director of Good Sport summarises the magazine as “a series of thought experiments and ideas built on curiosity at the intersection of sport”. Rooted in the vision that sport can be part of, or embedded in, conversation and dialogue “through the likes of art, food, dance, scent and psychology” the publication has a truly broad and all-encompassing approach to sport and its surrounding themes.

When jumping into a new edition, the Good Sport team (which alongside Ben consists of fellow co-creative director James Whiting and designers Griea Taylor and Joëlle Thomas) take note of the things they deem interesting at the time, the ideas they have been excited by and the stories they already had the foundations of. This time round “upon lining all these pieces up”, says James, “one consistent vein appeared to run through them all: communication”. Leading in from this “loose” theme, the team decided to zoom in “on how people communicated through sport and how sport communicates to the wider world”.

Interestingly, when beginning their research, the team began with the “encyclopaedic” set up of A-Z before soon changing to the more theoretical *-Z “as we found through research that * is a prominent symbol throughout the sporting world”, Ben tells us. Following the more general set up of the edition’s linear progression, they then went on to search for the most engaged and articulate voices to collaborate with. “In some cases, the responses to these questions came internally, diving into the history books and fringes on our lonesome”, explains James. “Others were the result of reaching out to artists, academics and athletes who had the sharpness of expertise that could help provide the depth of thinking and experience that we wanted to present to our audience.”

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