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Hello everyone,

We are in the process of doing a data migration to our SharePoint instance because we have about 70gb of attachments in our data blob currently, and before we make the move to CRM online we need to make our data blob smaller for the sake of cost. 

We are using the OOB opportunity entity that we renamed to Programs, within this entity is we store the attachments (.docx,.jpeg,.pdf).

I have created a flow using PowerApps to migrate the attachments for our DB to our SharePoint and it works well. My problem is that SharePoint needs a unique naming scheme because it does not like folders with duplicate names, which is preventing all the programs from coming over because unfortunately we have duplicate names for our programs. so instead of using the Opportunity ID for the unique program folder name in SharePoint ( users would have a hard time correlating the Opportunity ID on the SharePoint folder to the correct account in CRM. Opportunity Id only shows up in the URL of the “program” or opportunity you are on.) we created a field called “Program  #”  on the form, this field will serve as our Unique ID folder name so that the migration goes smoothly.

This brings me to where I need help! I need help creating a workflow to update all of 5000+ programs # fields that are held in this entity. starting from the number 1. 

I have already created a workflow to AutoNumber the program # field for future program creations

Could someone give me some steps on how to do this? I am using CRM 9.0 on premise, SharePoint on premise and flow using legacy data connectors. 

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