Build a standout website with confidence

Build a standout website with confidence

The main idea for this course is to make you confident to build a website that can handle business logic. Most of the developers are often stuck on what to learn next after learning Javascript, HTML, etc.

Industry Problem

In this course, you’ll learn the framework and tools, you can use to build a website that can handle your everyday logic. For example, collecting payments from the customers, managing customer subscriptions, querying the content based on customer subscriptions, and more…

What is in this course?

In this course, we build a complete website that covers the major aspect of frontend/backend, headless cms, and payments. Initially, we learn the basics and then get our hands dirty to create a platform for managing user subscriptions and content.

We use JAMstack architecture to build the website. In JAMstack architecture, the front-end logic is decoupled from the backend, which enhances the website’s performance.

In our case, we use the Gatsbyjs framework for the frontend/backend, Sanity for data/headless cms, and Stripe to handle payments. To learn about the course details, you can view the below course curriculum.

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