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A sample Dinghy digest

Sunday 13 March 2022

Dinghy is a tool I wrote to
summarize activity on GitHub issues and pull requests. You configure it to
look at certain GitHub resources over a recent time period, and it produces a
compact digest of what’s been happening:

A sample Dinghy digest

I started dinghy because I needed a way to see disparate activity in repos at
work, and it’s been useful for that. So far it has the features I’ve needed.
Maybe others will find it useful too.

It was also a chance to dig into the GitHub GraphQL API. GraphQL syntax is
oddly strict (why can’t I define a fragment that isn’t used?), and GitHub’s
implementation has quirks (sometimes requesting data with the wrong token scope
is an error, other times it returns None). I can see the advantage of being
able to request a graph of data with one request rather than a REST API that
forces me to walk the graph myself, but paginating along multiple axes is still
a pain (listing issues, and also comments on issues).

The code is still a mess in some places, and I haven’t figured out how to
test most of it. But it was interesting to reverse engineer how GitHub decides
on the text color for labels (they
it in CSS

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