Barbering brand campaign celebrates the Compton Cowboys, highlighting the rich history of African Americans in equine


Andis, the heritage branding and grooming tools brand, has released a beautifully shot campaign, celebrating its products by championing the creative expression amongst a collective in Compton, the Compton Cowboys. Created by creative agency BVLR, the film – the debut episode in Andis’ Creator Series – explores how the collective are on a mission to uplift their community in inner-city Compton through horseback and farming lifestyle, while celebrating the rich history of African Americans in western culture. The result is an unusually tender, insightful work for a barbering campaign.

The docu-style film, directed by Russell Brownley of Raucous Content, aims to evoke a “postmodern western come to life”, explains the release. The short film follows the cowboys on horseback as they ride through Compton, and takes viewers behind the scenes into the farming, care and dedication that goes into their lifestyle. Viewers also hear the collective discusses community, their city and nature spaces. As the film presents shots of the horses being groomed, the cowboys explain how there is a back and forth between how they style their animals and themselves; this mirroring is captured within the footage itself.

To create a campaign for the barbering brand, BLVR’s approach was to “lean into the culture of people who use Andis in their everyday lives”, says the release. It continues to state that the Compton Cowboys presented a natural fit, having grown up around barbershops and in the farming world. As such, the community is known for “the singular presence and style they bring to the intersection of personal grooming and livestock”. The Creator Series presents an organic look into Andis products and how they play a part in the Compton Cowboys’ lifestyle – the group have been using the products on themselves and their animals since high school.

The film is the debut campaign in Andis’ Creators Series, and features interviews with Compton Cowboy members including co-founder Randy Savvy and ranch manager Ant Dogg.

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