This online tool visualises your thoughts, and lets you download them as JPEGs

This online tool visualises your thoughts, and lets you download them as JPEGs

While the new tool presents a fun, creative way to explore your thoughts through 3D modelling, for Knack, it is a way to urge readers to explore the nuances of opinion and “turn a black and white way of thinking into a colourful train of thought”, explains the release. Bert Bultinck, editor-in-chief of Knack, says the platform is a “literal challenge to our readers to question their own way of thinking”. Bert adds: “If we’re serious about that, we must invest in tools that make that feasible.” In our current polarised landscape, Knack and Mutant emphasise the importance of getting a better understanding of your own thoughts.

The questions for Think in Colour were developed in collaboration with phycologists at the University of Brussels (VUB), measuring different parameters such as empathy, open-mindedness, flexibility and intellectual curiosity. The release explains it is based on other psychological tests, such as the BFI-2 and FIT-60 tests. Odin Saillé, founder and ECD of Mutant states: “We’re dealing with people’s thoughts here, so we spent a lot of time conversing with the people at the VUB to guarantee a relevant, well-thought-out tool and not a gimmick.”

For anyone looking to test out the questionnaire, it will remain up on the site after the campaign ends. Going forward, Knack says it will be used to interview people as part of a new weekly column.

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