Error when publishing solution: “The component that you are trying to update has been deleted”

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I’m seeing the following issue when I try to push a custom solution from one instance of Dynamics CRM Online (development instance) to another (QA instance). 

The solution import on the target CRM instance fails with an error 0x8004F00F on the Contact Entity Ribbon:  “The component that you are trying to update has been deleted.”

This randomly started happening last week. While the Contact entity has some minor customizations, no changes in that timeframe were made to the Contact ribbon.  Strange thing is, I was able to push the solution successfully to the target CRM last Saturday morning, with no other changes made (I was expecting it to fail — again– and just wanted to get a fresh copy of the failed import log.) 

So I made some more changes elsewhere in the solution – minor stuff; updated a couple JS web resources, fixed a typo in a form label, etc. – published / exported the solution from the Development instance, then tried again to import to QA.  Same error, same place.  (It would be super helpful if the error message had more info, like…. WHAT COMPONENT!!!????)

Assuming that this had something to do with the contents of the Contact’s ribbon customizations, I removed all of them.  Tried another import to the QA instance.  Same error.  ARGH!  So apparently the root cause of this wonderful issue has nothing to do with the Contact ribbons – at least directly – since the error is thrown even if the entity ribbon has no customizations.

Does anyone have any insights on how to solve this?  

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