Blink and you’ll miss the tiny details in Dokho Shin’s book design

Blink and you’ll miss the tiny details in Dokho Shin’s book design

When Dokho Shin first moved to Berlin in 2017, he sent emails out to a list of publishers titled “New designer, new design” aiming to get involved with projects; “Of course, nothing happened”, he tells us. We can safely say that those who missed the email lost out on exploring some very interesting projects. Today, Dokho is working across multiple projects, self-initiated and commercial, focusing on designing publications and exhibition identities – including a project for one of the publishing houses he emailed five years ago!

While Dokho assures that he doesn’t have a certain visual style, instead preferring to focus on the context of each project, there are one or two traits that unite his work. Namely, how he subtly embraces unconventional book design, and his dedication to the tiny details that bring this approach to life.

Last year, Dokho worked on an artist book by Sunmin Park. Titled Out of (Con)Text, Sunmin wanted to make a publication that showed the relationship between her works, “which looked like fragments”, says Dokho. In collaboration with Sunmin, Dokho in turn designed a title in which the content unfolds around the middle of the book. “So, the index page listing the works in the middle of the book is the axis. The reading experience, therefore, doesn’t have to follow the linear direction,” the designer tells It’s Nice That. Dokho went a step further and visualised this structure via tiny hidden text on the inside part of the book spine. Elsewhere, crisscrossing lines, suggesting nonlinear pathways, appeared across the book’s inner cover. This kind of detail can be spotted throughout Dokho’s work, if you’re looking closely.

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