Interpreting the complex world with illustrator Rosa Viktoria Ahlers

Interpreting the complex world with illustrator Rosa Viktoria Ahlers

“Generally, my style is always changing and developing and I think that’s good and necessary,” Rosa clarifies. “But, I would describe my current style as definitely colourful, bold, funny, clear and kind of constructed.” Rosa’s motifs are always neatly condensed into the frame of the image, and as such produce incredibly graphic pieces of work. Still, a warm and soft feeling strikes through in Rosa’s pictures, as if an extension from the artist to the audience. “I wish for my drawings to be like a hug, or something that makes the viewer smile,” Rosa adds. “On the other hand, my tattoo illustrations are more free and funny and it’s only line work. I like that I have those different traces in drawing.”

A good example of Rosa’s signature style is in Gute Nacht Bus, a beautiful illustration that highlights a group of volunteers who “drive through Düsseldorf in a van and spread good deeds to people who need help,” Rosa explains. “People could buy one of those pullovers and a second one would be given to a person in need. I really liked that concept and I was happy to be part of this important organisation for this project.” Another incredibly rich and detailed piece of work from Rosa is in her Coca-Cola advert, where she plays on magic and the power of hugs to bring people together. “For me, it was a crazy experience to be a part of such a big project,” she recalls. “When I got invited to the zoom call for the Coca-Cola briefing, it felt unreal.”

Now, Rosa is still working as an illustrator and tattoo artist. “I really love both of the jobs, but my goal is to do more jobs for magazines and social or ecological institutions,” she tells us. “And I just started to study again, so that is what I also focus on right now.” In the meantime, Rosa promises us she’ll be developing her drawing and painting style, especially in the physical realm. “It feels more real to draw on canvas and I love that I can physically be connected to my drawings again.”

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