Package Deployer error : Missing dependency, how to check ?

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Thank you very much, I think I will learn new thing here.

Anyway I did look as your advice, and found something weird (not recognized) which is ->



       <Required key=”0″ type=”1″ schemaName=”canvasappextendedmetadata” displayName=”CanvasApp Extended Metadata” solution=”CanvasAppEntityExtensionSolution (9.1.21035.210331004)” />

       <Dependent key=”1″ type=”1″ schemaName=”businessunit” displayName=”Business Unit” />



       <Required key=”2″ type=”1″ schemaName=”teammobileofflineprofilemembership” displayName=”TeamMobileOfflineProfileMembership” solution=”MobileOfflineMembership (” />

       <Dependent key=”3″ type=”1″ schemaName=”team” displayName=”Team” />


In highlighted red font, I’m not sure what solution is that. And I can’t find it in the source environment either, but it did says missing.

Try to google a bit :, but cannot get what is that.


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