Ruby Rogues: Service Objects for Legacy Projects with Petr Hlavicka

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About this Episode

Before you jump into legacy codebases and controllers, you need some info. In this episode, John sits down with Petr Hlavicka, a Rails developer who’s passionate about simplifying this section of Rails and helping people along the way.

“I want to make everything easier for me and my colleagues. I want it to be easily understandable even for juniors. And just because you do things differently doesn’t mean it’s wrong.”
– Petr Hlavicka

In This Episode

1) What you NEED to know about legacy codebase projects before you jump in
2) Petr’s go-to tactics for separating business logic from controllers (without going insane)
3) How you can leverage articles and feedback to simplify complex issues and make your life easier




  • John- Beginner Drone
  • John- Counterweights for Boom mic stands
  • Petr- Phone gimbals
  • Petr- Tabletop RPGs

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