studio Brand Brothers on the honesty it hopes to foster through design

studio Brand Brothers on the honesty it hopes to foster through design

Both Johan and Jean-Rémi didn’t initially find themselves pursuing a career in design. Instead, Johan tells us his first passion was in fact aviation. However after having too poor eyesight to pursue a career as a pilot, he set himself on airport management, studying geography and territorial planning. It was only when Johan was doing an internship at a public transport company that he first interacted with design softwares, and became instantly “intrigued and completely absorbed”. Like Johan, Jean-Rémi is entirely self-taught and originally trained in private law. Having always been interested in digital design, in his spare time he began toying with web design and development before it quickly took precedence, finding himself producing websites for numerous clients. In 2010, the duo finally took the plunge and created their now studio, Brand Brothers.

An example of the pair’s design approach is Brand Brothers’ recent project for the French film and production company, Rosamund. Demonstrating an ability to create bold and eye-catching type design, much like the rest of its work the project was created within strict parameters. Wanting to emulate the companies concurrently “sensitive and rigorous” approach, the type focused on “accuracy and precious” visuals – culminating in an intense typographic logo that exudes filmic imagery. But, creating such a structured typeface wasn’t a walk in the park, with Jean-Rémi explaining how “keeping strict geometrical rules while achieving perfect alignments between the characters required a lot of iterations; but this type of typographic design does not tolerate approximations!” In its steadfast nature, the type finally flourished, and the studio now view this intense attention to detail as the project’s main strength.

On the other hand, demonstrating Brand Brother’s ability to zealously adhere to a brief is its work for Grow Deal, a vertical urban farm located in Toulouse. With the company working at the crossroads between “high technology and organic matter”, the studio wanted to emulate this “sensitive axis”. With the type innovatively shaped like simplistic graphic flowers, the designs – whilst being both structured and organised – are a clear nod to nature and the organic practice of the urban farm. If this charming identity doesn’t prove to you that Brand Brothers are at the top of their game, we don’t know what will.

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