ng2 datepicker with example Using Angular 9

ng2 datepicker with example Using Angular 9

This tutorial help to implement datepicker into your angular 2+ application. I’ll use ng2-datepicker component to integrate datepicker with the angular application.


The ng2-datepicker is simple and minimal Angular datepicker component. It is fully customizable.You can get more options such as minDate, maxDate, format date etc.

How To Install ng2 datepicker

Let’s run the following command to install ng2-datepicker:

npm install ng2-datepicker --save

How To Import Package in Ng2

We’ll import DatepickerModule into your application.

How To use ng2-datepicker Component

Import DatePickerOptions and DateModel into your app component, then configure two properties: date and options. The DateModel property has been set to Date. Options is set to DatePickerOptions, which allows you to configure all date options:

We’ll call datepicker component into ng2 component class:

where date and options variable is defined into your component.

Run your local server to test them:

ng serve -o

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