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Hi everyone,

I have configured a workflow to send an email (some quote info) from the quote form. Its a chain of three emails and the first email is to be sent from the owner of the quote, the other two emails might be sent by other users who have an access to quote. But when the workflow runs it gives error,

Then i searched the error and I found couple of articles which suggested the following,

1. “Send email as another user” to be assigned in security role of the user.

2.”Act on behalf of another User” to be assigned in security role of the user.

3. Assign “Delegate” security role to the user.

I added above to the user security role of the user, but still i am receiving the same error. Then I checked the check box in personal settings of the user and it worked.

My Question : The email is being sent from the owner of the quote, this is how workflow is configured. User is the owner of the quote and he is not sending email on behalf of another user then why should I assign these security toles to the user.?? My client is also not happy with these personal setting option.



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